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The Introductory Blog

April 28-May 4
Of consciences and kings
The silence is deafening
Happy anniversary to me
I hate running
The Money God arrives
The runner doesn't stumble
Odds and Ends
Tai Chi and skunks
Unemployment stinks
Of ambulances, old-age homes, and dying in bed

May 5-11
Can't we all just get along?
Cat scratch fever
Tig Chi Practice
Duh Moments
Once-used deodorant
The Fish Heads theory
Psychic readings
Dirty socks as cat toys
The power is out; what time is it?

May 12-18
Computer bugs and bad service
Mom is on drugs
Sucks being unemployed, part 2
Weighing in on McVeigh
Did you buy a Mother's Day card?
Don't look at me like that

May 19-25
Eulogy to Grandma Shirley
Cats and smelly sneakers
You mean Miss Cleo's not real?
Gas prices suck but some people just don't get it
Don't blame me, I voted for Gore

May 26-June 1
Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon
More thoughts on funerals
Idiots on the highway
Is it luck, or is it coincidence?

June 2-8
New Jersey is full up
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Crouching Donkeys, Hidden Elephants
Things that go bang in the night
Let sleeping cats lie
The Burning Man
Thoughts on friendship, or the lack thereof
And the rain rain rain came down down down

June 9-15
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands
The Naked Truth
What level of discourse?
Who says I'm stupid?
It's the manual, stupid
A friend as lovely as a tree
Along came a spider
Ohmigod, it's an image!
Walk like a glacier

June 16-22
The Croc Hunter and the Cyclone
Nero, Part II
John Edward (the fraud) and cold reading
The mediocre media
Nero my woods to thee, Part I

June 23-29
The Law of Threes
New Age and the stupidity factor
Britney who?
TV theme songs
Cats with asthma
Lightning and the lightning bug
What would Shirley do?
Driving with the top down



June 30-July 6
Topless adventures in the Old Dominion
Our Glorious Fourth
Desperation is the mother of invention
My Golden Blogiversary

July 7-13
The penalty for getting older
Fractured Fairy Tales
Laughing at the moon

July 14-20
The Money God pays off
Be vewy, vewy quiet
The Money God has risen
Random thoughts, part II
Look what I can do!
Random thoughts
Games people play
Skunks, loons, and parking lots
Don't watch these movies twice

July 21-27
Mom and New Age hokum
Why I write these blogs
This and that
Tig Mighty Sparrow Hunter
Riding topless through the night

July 28-August 3
Clarion call
A trip down Memory Lane
Speaking in anecdotes
History, MTV-style!
Money back guarantee!
It's the stupidity factor, stupid
Family Time

August 4-10
The flies have it
105 in the shade
Blog, blogged, blocked
The living dead

August 11-17
Exit ramps and you: Perfect together
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig
Idiots with e-mail
Cheaper by the dozen
Dog day afternoon
Stormy weather
Sits with dogs

August 18-24

August 25-31
Little League, big lessons
What a difference a week makes
Of human bondage
Excuses, excuses

September 1-7
A working stiff again
Hold everything
Renaissance Unfaire

September 8-14
Power and empowerment
The Blather Half
100 blogs and nothin' to see
This, that, and old wives' tales

September 11

September 12-21
View from Eagle Rock

September 22-28
It's a small world




September 29-October 5
Calvin and Hobbes defeat Garfield
For your viewing pleasure
East is East and West is West
Cultural relativists = cowards

October 13-19
More TK
Look Ma, I'm in Salon!
Anthrax, anthrax, who's got the anthrax?

October 20-26
Microsoft serves who?
Games children play
Farewell to shirt-sleeves
In case of nuclear attack...
What the world needs now is laughs
Three cheers for the red, white and blue
Crawling through the rubbish
Dear Diary

October 27-November 2
Theeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!
Shut up, McCarver!
In the mind of Our Buddy Bin
Another day, another terrorism alert
Work, work, work
My personal September 11th

November 3-9
That was no lady, that was just me
Don't read this joke
Of Liberty I sing
Islamists and nightmare scenarios
Boredists and September 11th

November 10-16
Scary sabotage story
An open letter to the Taliban
Running like slaughtered chickens
You're only as old as you look
John Fraudward redux; enTITLEment
Paranoia may destroy ya
Miscellaneous thoughts; grow younger than your pets

November 17-23
Search engines can be fun
Reasons to be thankful, 1, 2, 3
Mystery, shymstery--this guy's a kook
Go, you chicken fat, get outta here
The two-day exercise rule
Don't mess with Mother Nature

November 24-30
DMV Adventures
I've mellowed, baby
Ew, that creepy Jeep Liberty
More weird web searches
Just the facts, ma'am
Mammogram scares
Bad NBC! Bad!
I'm home, and you're not
Think globally
ETS spells E-V-I-L
Hidden messages at

December 1-7
Endgame for Osama
If you're blocked, howcome you can't shut up?
Nok-Hockey knockout
The diary of Iseema bin Laden
More conspiracy theory nonsense

December 8-14
Virtual Menorah, first through sixth night
Kids say the darnedest things
Salon Premium rocks!
The WWW and Sao Tome and Principe
...or your money back
My letter's in the New York Times!
American Taliban
Afghanistan conspiracy theories debunked
Salvation Army blues
Greetings, San Francisco

December 15-21

December 22-28

December 29-31