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The Sunday Times of London has a phenomenal article on anti-Americanism.

It is a small world

It isn't that I ran out of things to say. I seem to not have as much time to say it. Something to do with going back to work and being too tired in the evening to do much more than veg, or scan the tube for more information about the WTC attack, or scan the tube for anything BUT more information about the WTC attack.

But I'm stealing a few minutes to write this, and one of the things that impressed me the most over the past few days is how incredibly intertwined our lives are.

I have an email friend who lives in Sydney, Australia. We've been corresponding for about four years. We "met" on a javascript newsgroup. We talk about programming and Australia and the U.S. and, well, just about everything. I hadn't heard from him in a while, so I sent him a letter last night informing him that I was nowhere near the WTC, and discussing various people I knew and their stories. He told me that his friend's uncle was coming out of the subway when the first plane struck. His friend's father was originally on one of the Boston flights but changed it to a later flight. This man lives half a world away from us, yet the tragedy nearly touched him and his friends.

We are, indeed, a global society, but when you hear stories like these, everything seems so--local. I find that very comforting.--MAY