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To be hated

Bruce Hill has written his best-ever essay on being a Jew, and on being the Other. And he did it using less than a fifth of the word total of a Whittle essay, even including the Kipling poem at the end of the post.

There really is nothing I can excerpt that will give you the flavor of the essay; go, read, you won't be disappointed.

A call for tech support

Folks, I need some computer expertise.

Twice, now, my laptop screen has darkened to the point where I can still (barely) make it out, but not read anything on the screen. It has fixed itself after a reboot, but having to do this twice in three days is a worrisome sign. My screen also blinks sometimes after closing a window, leading me to believe that it's having difficulty refreshing, and that I may be having trouble with my video card. It's a four-year-old Sony Vaio PCG-F270 laptop. When I look at the System Properties tab, it says the NeoMagic MagicMedia 256V +AC97 Driver (WDM) Display Adapter is working properly.

I can't afford to buy a new laptop, and if the screen dies, I'll have to buy a new laptop. There's one possible cause for these semi-blackouts. The monitor took a heck of a blow last week (it was on the floor and got accidentally kicked from a 90 degree angle to a 180 degree angle). Is it possible that loosened a wire? I could open up the laptop and look, if only I knew what I was looking for.

Any help would be appreciated.

The Road Map to Murderville trap

It doesn't matter what Israel does. The world refuses to acknowledge that peace in the Middle East is dependent upon both sides taking responsibility. Some headlines from Google News about Sharon's acceptance of the Road Map, nearly all of which may as well have scare quotes around "acceptance":

Sharon faces division over 'road map', Canada - 47 minutes ago
JERUSALEM -- After reluctantly accepting a US-backed peace plan yesterday, Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon faced stiff opposition from hardline ministers in his ...

Israelis raid refugee camp as Sharon backs peace plan
ABC Online, Australia - 51 minutes ago
About 50 Israeli armoured vehicles raided a Palestinian refugee camp on Saturday,
one day after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon raised hopes for an end to 32 ...

Israel's Sharon faces challenge in selling `road map' to other ...
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 1 hour ago
After reluctantly embracing a US-backed peace plan, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon faced
stiff opposition from hard-liners in his Cabinet, where the "road map" to ...

Sharon Gives Plan for Mideast Peace Qualified Support New York Times
JERUSALEM, May 23 — Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said today that Israel was "prepared to accept the steps" in a new international peace plan, after the Bush administration said it would "fully and seriously" address Israel's reservations while seeking Arab-Israeli peace and a Palestinian state within three years.

Palestinian leaders have already endorsed the plan, known as the road map. With rapid, reciprocal concessions, it seeks not only to end 31 months of conflict but also to resolve territorial and religious claims that have divided the two peoples for generations.

The Times piece is typical of the rest of the news articles, which point out that the pals have already "accepted" the Road Map. They do not add that the pals have not ceased terror attacks, nor do they point out that the various terrorist groups absolutely refuse to even consider ceasing terror attacks. If they do mention terror attacks at all, they say the pals are unable to affect the terrorist groups—in spite of the fact that Al Aqsa is commanded by Arafat, and that all of them are in bed with each other.

So it doesn't really matter if Israel accepts the Road Map to Murderville or not. Sure, because even if Israel completely accepts it, the world will lay the blame for its failure on Israel's shoulders, just as the world blames Israel for the failure of peace during every attempt.

I dunno about you, but I'm getting a strong sense of deja vu here.

Charles takes a holiday

Charles is off for the weekend to attend his brother's wedding. I think I'll try to pick up the LGF slack while he's gone. Can't help you folks in the comments area, but I'll post a few letters. Make 'em short and relatively sane.

First entry: Two more ISM terrorist shields arrested

IDF troops also arrested two American citizens and a Palestinian working with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement in the West Bank city of Tulkarm Saturday afternoon.

The pro-Palestinian activists were handed over to Police after consultations with the Interior Ministry, who will most likely have the women deported.


Also in the article, the IDF turns into the third leg of the Jewish mother's dream (behind doctor and lawyer): They're terrorist dentists. Hopefully withou using novocaine.

The forces are reportedly conducting house-to-house searches for wanted terrorists and weapons.

The operation, nicknamed "Root Canal", which started Friday night, is aimed at uprooting the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror infrastructure, which security sources say has flowered in Tulkarm.

[...] Palestinians reported that three people had been arrested during the operation, two of whom belong to Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, while the third man arrested belongs to the Palestinian Authority's military intelligence apparatus.



Mental health post: Cute child alert

Last night, I went to see a play at Sorena's school. The play was "The Dragon of Krakow." Sorena played the dragon. Well, she played half the dragon, as it was a two-headed dragon. And the version I saw last night was a bit different from the versions I've found on the web so far. This one is the most brutal, and bears little resemblance to the children's play (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade actors, I think, or 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) from last night. This one is more like the children's version. (Overall, however, I think the writers of the tale were a bit lacking in their dragon lore. I mean, a beast that can breath fire would probably flourish on a diet of tar and sulfur. If you want to get it to drink lots of water, feed it salt, for heaven's sake!)

Here's the most factual site I found. Interesting, really. (Note that I got through the entire Dragon of Krakow post without a single Polish joke. I have advanced beyond ethnic insults.)

So here's my little dragon, who was superb last night, speaking her lines clearly and with great emotion and not a single mistake:

Sorena the two-headed dragon

(She scared me, she was such a scary dragon.) She's the head on the right. And here's our two-headed dragon unmasked:

The dragon unmasked

Yeah, that was some long tail. Heidi made the head and the tail. It's amazing, the things you can do with newspaper and flour and water.

Alas, I couldn't get a picture of the dragon fleeing after it ate the sulfur-and-tar-tainted sheepskin. It fled too quickly to be captured on disk. I don't blame it, though. It was awfully thirsty. (Go read the legend if you don't get the references yet. Yeesh.)

Yeah, there was a surfeit of cuteness last night. But hey, it took my mind off the crud in the news lately.

When is a Jew not a Jew?

Apparently, when he's a head of state. Remember this? The cartoon published in the Independent that portrayed Ariel Sharon as eating Palestinian babies? Let me refresh your memory:

British blood libel

Bill Allison sent me links to the results of the U.K. Press Complaints Commission inquiry into whether or not this was an anti-Semitic cartoon, what with Jews and others pointing out that it portrays one of the foulest anti-Semitic lies, that of Jews killing Gentile babies, usually for their blood to be used in Jewish rituals. By the way, none of these anti-Semitic canards take into account the fact that blood is absolutely proscribed in Jewish dietary laws, and that the kashering process includes salting the meat to remove any blood that wasn't drained after slaughter, but why let a few facts get in the way of blind hatred?

The results of the Independent's inquiry?

The Press Complaints Commission has rejected a complaint on behalf of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that a cartoon depicting him in The Independent was anti-semitic.

Mr Brown also expressed pleasure that the PCC had "reached the right decision". He said his cartoon was a satirical comment on a Sharon-ordered Israeli army attack on Gaza city which, in his view, was linked to garnering votes in Israeli elections due three days later.

The Independent's editors were full of self-righteous congratulation:

"In terms of freedom of expression, it is vitally important that we are able to publish a piece of opinion which is critical of an individual's politics without being accused of racism.

"The cartoon used hard-hitting imagery, which was justifiable to convey a strong political message."

And why not? Look at the ruling itself:

The solicitors had said that the absence of any Jewish emblems or Israeli insignia in the cartoon was irrelevant, and that the association of someone who was a known Jew with a hostile image of a practice commonly attributed by anti-Semites to Jews was sufficient to conclude that the image was discriminatory. The Commission did not agree with this position – having already accepted the cartoonist’s explanation it could not ignore the fact that there was nothing in the cartoon that referred to Mr Sharon’s religion at all. Of course it is well-known that the Israeli Prime Minister is Jewish, but he is also a public figure of the sort that newspapers frequently satirise or criticise, and it is not the Commission’s job to interfere with newspapers’ rights to comment on individuals in this way unless there is an issue under the Code.

Here's the killer reasoning:

It was important in this context for the Commission to state that, as far as it was concerned, Mr Sharon had been singled out as the subject of the cartoon not only as an individual, but also as the head of a government, and the leader of a political party, whose policies the newspaper clearly intended to satirise. Prime ministers and presidents of countries frequently appear in cartoons as visual representatives of their countries, and the Commission was reluctant to come to a decision that would in any way compromise the ability of newspapers to make critical or satirical comments about nations or governments through the use of cartoons.

This particular ruling clearly illustrates one of the things that the world manages to do: Have it both ways with Israel. When it suits their purposes to point out that the Israelis are Jews, such as when they insist that a Jewish state is "racist," they do so. Yet when it suits their purpose to insist that they weren't pointing out Ariel Sharon's Jewishness, in spite of the fact that no matter which way you cut it, the man is a Jew, they do so. The palestinians do it. The Euros do it. The anti-Israeli left does it. And, of course, the anti-Semites do it.

So when is a Jew not a Jew? When it suits the world's purpose to say so.



Bizarro World time: A look at today's Arab News

Let's see what's on the plate today. Ah. Those bastions of feminine equality have discovered the real cause of suicide bombers: women.

Although most of these opinions are true, in my opinion the biggest responsibility falls on a group that is not mentioned. They are the main elements in creating these terrorists; they are women, wives and mothers.

When I looked at the conversation of the mothers and wives of Sept. 11 terrorists and the families of the members of the terrorist cell that was exposed in Riyadh, I repeatedly heard them say that their son’s or husband’s personality and behavior had not changed until they got involved in a group that led them astray. They said that they isolated themselves in their last days before the terrorist attacks. These conversations show what weak relationships some parents have with their children. How could a mother not notice the changes in her son’s behavior? Where was her sense? Is it possible for a son or a husband to become a terrorist in one day without the mother or the wife noticing?

Why did the women not take a more active role when they sensed that there was something wrong with their husband or their son. Why do mothers not care about their sons’ change in personality? How can a mother not know where her son spends his free time, and with whom? Why did she not act immediately when she saw the terrorist ideas getting into her son’s head?

It would be funny if it weren't so sad. But there's more, and it gets worse:

The only possible conclusion is that there is something wrong with the way the mothers raised their children and in their relationship with them. Of course the father also shares the responsibility.

But the absence of the mother’s primary role in her son’s life led to her losing any influence she might have on her son. Mothers should concentrate on being close to their children rather than merely paying attention to clothing and feeding them. The mother must make her child feel that she is close to him whenever he needs her. To turn to her whenever he needs guidance. The mother should be there to protect him from any bad influence that he might be exposed to.

The thing that I often wonder about the Arab News: Is there truly anyone with any kind of a brain in charge of what gets published? Or was that a rhetorical question?

Then we have this writers' fantasy about what would have happened after the terrorist attacks if the United States Government ran Saudi Arabia. (Hint: We still have that Constitution thing that you guys simply do not get, but your article makes for a few chuckles.)

Let us assume that, given its reaction to Sept. 11 and the way it is now fighting terrorism, the United States were the governing authority here. What would be its reaction to the bombings in Riyadh?

First, the country’s religious establishment would be blamed for the attack and as a result would be dismantled. Religious education would be severely curtailed so as not to influence people. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice would have to be closed down to allow people to live freely and indulge in pleasure. Religious schools and classes teaching the Holy Qur’an would be shut down because they are centers for raising children on a religious basis. Universities and colleges teaching Shariah would have to be reduced in size because they are breeding grounds for extremists. The curricula, especially those which teach Qur’anic jurisprudence and interpretation as well as Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) would have to be changed to allow youth easy and unhindered access to modern sciences. The media must have unlimited freedom so that anyone could express, and spread, any views and ideas regardless of whether they were good or bad. It would not matter if people expressed anti-religious or blasphemous sentiments as long as this fell under the classification of personal freedom. Social restrictions, including community values, customs and traditions, would be abandoned because they might be contrary to personal freedom. New prisons would be built to jail all those growing beards, which are a terrorist symbol, as well as imams and preachers. New techniques and tools of intelligence and surveillance would be devised to deal with the new situation, beginning by torturing the suspects’ relatives, friends and everyone who happened to know or come across them. The borders with Yemen would be sealed to stop smuggling of arms into the country. Westerners would not be allowed to live in compounds because these are easy targets. Instead, they should mingle with the rest of the population although this would mean they would have to give up the luxurious Western lifestyles of many compounds. To make life easier for Westerners as well as others, every neighborhood must have all the required facilities that make peoples’ life comfortable. This would at least occupy the local population with the enjoyment of luxuries and focus their attention on something other than targeting foreigners. It would be another successful penetration of local society. It is an endless list of unjust measures that we have seen the United States adopt over the last two years.

And what's wrong with all that? Boy, that sounds like a good country to live in.

We must, however, remember one thing. Among the many blessings conferred upon this country is that its rulers are more farsighted, experienced and responsive to their peoples’ needs. They are more rational than to allow crimes committed by a group of deranged individuals to deflect their attention or steer them from the course they have set for their country. It is a course that takes into consideration the country’s national interests. Following the bombings in Riyadh, the Kingdom has been accused of being a fertile ground for terrorists because it is a closed society, lacks democracy and freedom of expression and applies a strict religious code. How can those who voice these accusations explain the attacks that took place in Morocco, an open and democratic country which enjoys freedom of expression? Terrorism knows no boundaries. Why then single out Saudi Arabia?

Two words: Al Qaeda. Four more: 15 of the 19. And one more thought: Saudi money supports it all.

By the way, this comes on the heels of the American media's rash of articles on how Saudi Arabia is changing its ways of thinking since the terror attacks last week.

Uh-huh. I'm with Charles on this.

Mourning Buffy

Daniel Drezner has a host of links to Buffy sites and news articles, including this great one from the Miami Herald:

Buffy is what TV writers like to refer to as a cult hit, doomed to lesser networks, never to crack the top 10 (or top 30, for that matter). But the show is important, even if you never got past the title to see what Joss Whedon and his crew at Mutant Enemy were constructing in their lab. Because it's not just the death of a cult show -- one that has admittedly struggled in its final season -- that hits so hard. What should concern any TV fan is the end of a daring work of love and imagination, something born of passion instead of a craving for fleeting, this-year's-flavor fame. With the constant appearance of shows absent redeeming value (Mr. Personality, anyone?), the end of true creativity is a gloomy prospect. I mean, reality TV? Bored now.

I'm still thinking over the finale. I think I have to watch it again.

Time out for cats

So after my brief absence, the cats are seemingly back to normal. Well, except for the simultaneous belly-rub this morning, an occurrence so rare that it happens only when the retrograde is in Mercury's Jupiter eclipse, or something like that. (Astrology isn't my thing. Can you tell?) It could also only occur after I've been away for several days, or if Gracie is feeling excessively affectionate. Tig is a slut. He will let nearly anyone rub his belly, nearly anytime.

Well, it's a wet day out, but the rain has ceased, and the patio door is open, and the cats have been going in and out at their leisure. Just now, Gracie ran inside, tail fluffed out, which usually means she has been frightened by something. A dog, perhaps, or a person walking in the back. So I glanced outside, and saw nothing. Gracie ran back outside. Then she ran back inside. Then she ran back outside, ran back inside (pursued by Tig), jumped onto the front picture windowsill, and walked back and forth as if searching for something, leading me to wonder if something went around back, then around front, and she was watching it from a secure spot. But then Tig yowled at her, and I realized that I am in the midst of some kind of kitty game whose rules I simply don't know. They are currently glaring at each other from across the dining room.

Well, the game is apparently over. It's my fault. I ended it by asking, "What are you doing?" which brought their attention to me, and which made them realize they could bother me for a quick brush, or maybe some tunafish. And when they get neither, it is naptime.

The palestinian piece process

Once again, we have clear evidence of how much the pals want peace.

Israeli naval commandos intercepted a boat from Lebanon loaded with weapons bound for Palestinian Authority areas, about 150 kilometers off the northern Israeli coast, military sources revealed on Thursday.

[...] A Palestinian Authority official is among those captured on board the boat. He was identified as Adel Almairibi, who is charge of weapons smuggling for the PA.

Do you suppose that's what it says on his door at the PA? "Adel Almairibi/Weapons Smuggling Dept."

By the way, they caught two Hizbullah members. On a ship laden with explosives bound for the Gaza Strip. And yet, Arafat and the EU still insist that the PA is neither a terrorist organization nor working with terrorist organizations.

Two Hizbullah operatives were caught on board the Abu Hassan, an Egyptian-owned fishing boat, military sources said.

Among the suspects held is Hamad Abu Amara, who was headed to instruct terrorists in the Gaza Strip on how to put together the unspecified amount of explosives captured on board the ship, media reports said.

I say again: It's the palestinian piece process. They don't want real peace. They want the Jews blown to pieces.

Women writing about women

Sounds a bit self-indulgent, doesn't it? But it's not. Shanti asked me to write the first in a series of a new feature at Real Women Online, and it's up. Go have a look. Remember, she's my blogdaughter, so it's a Jewish mother asking. Well, a Jewish blogmother, anyway.



While I've been traveling...

Lynn's been busy. Check out this post:

So let's review. The Palestinian National Authority has "strongly" condemned an explosion, reported by "Israeli sources" to have been perpetrated by a palestinian "militant" at a mall in Israel, because it threatens the progress of the "Road Map" which is intended to assure the establishment of a palestinian state by 2005. And the PNA further demands that in response to this "explosion," Israel immediately stop all efforts to secure itself against further explosions of this nature. And for this "condemnation," the PNA expects, and will probably receive, the undying gratitude of the free world.

I'm sick to death of hearing about how these terrorists are trying to undermine Abu Mazen and the "new" palestinian leadership. Please get this. There is no new palestinian leadership. Abu Mazen has no intention of doing a damn thing to interfere with ongoing terrorist attempts against Israelis, and the terrorists know it. If he tries, he'll be dead, and he knows it. What he has every intention of doing is the same thing his boss has been doing for the past ten years -- mesmerizing the international community with the words it wants to hear while the murder and mayhem continue unabated.

And don't miss the one on the Zayed Center that's come under some heat lately.

Damian Penny has a new home, and new blog software, and has been browbeaten out of making it white-on-black. (You're welcome.)

Bill Herbert has been on fire lately. Go here, here, and here, or just read the main page and scroll down.

And go visit Dean Esmay because I just added him to my links page. And now, it's time for yet another piece of cow meat for dinner. I'm sure that Lena will be thrilled to read this.

The Carnival of the Vanities

It's at Susanna Cornett's place. And I completely forgot to send her a submission. Ah, well. You'll have to just look around yourselves. Shouldn't be a problem: There are 56 entries.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. More PETA hate mail (no, not from a pig)

Ah, this made my day. Lena M. didn't like what I wrote.

"But I don't expect your organization to suddenly develop any sense of tact or human decency"

That's a quote from my anti-PETA campaign.

It seems like you dont possess much decency either.

Ow! Mommy, she's insulting me! Make her stop! Plus, she's throwing my words at me!

But then again, why would you? You seem to be so wrapped up in yourself. I thought reading your weblog would be interesting, but its proved to be downright annoying.

Good. Annoying PETA people with pieces like the one you read is absolutely the effect I have been going for. Nothing warms a writer's heart more than to know she is succeeding at what she set out to do. (And re: the weblog insult: Ow. Ow. Mommy, she's insulting me again!)

Continue to be yourself. We need something to laugh at in this bleak world.

Not that I need your permission, but you got it, sweetums. I'll continue to be myself, you continue to send me letters that you think are going to hurt my feelings, and my readers will have plenty to laugh at.

P.S chew on that, wont you? ruff! ruff!

Another reference to my letter to PETA. Okay, so they can read, but they can't come up with any original insults. Like, stop using my words and use your own, dudes. And hello, you didn't read my weblog well enough. Cat person. Meow, meow! (More like: Rowr! Hssss! but hey, I'm trying to be polite here.)

On the serious side, it's interesting that not one of the letters protesting my Eat an Animal for PETA Day have yet addressed the issue that I brought up: The fact that comparing the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis to the raising and eating of food animals is a disgusting, hateful comparison. All they seem to want to do is insult me.

Perhaps that would be because the PETA ad campaign is indefensible. At least, that's my take on it.



A lesson in hatred

The troll known in various pro-Israel sites as Babylonian is apparently a member of Metafilter, and has posted there about Google News removing nazimedia from its list of news sources. But he's puzzled as to why I would point to a mailing-list entry as proof of nazimedia's anti-Semitism. I explained why in the post he points to, but it bears repeating on my front page.

The Regional Director of B'nai B'rith Canada sent an email to the contact on an Indymedia page requesting that Indymedia remove the full text of the infamous forgery known as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." This was created in Czarist Russia to defame Jews, and has been used ever since by Jew-haters. Indymedia's refusal to remove this text is clear evidence of their anti-Semitism. The Protocols have no other use than to spread lies about Jews and foment Jew hatred. Perhaps Babylonian doesn't have a problem with that, but I do.

Let's see if I can also explain why Indymedia shouldn't have been listed by Google as a news site to begin with. One, it's not a news site. Anyone can publish anything they like, with no editorial control whatsoever, and without letting anything like the matter of facts get in the way.

Indymedia came to my attention because of its virulent anti-Semitism. And yes, we got Google to get rid of it by pointing out that Indymedia is both not a news source, and it promotes virulent anti-Semitism. It's a lose-lose situation for Google to keep it. The whiners don't like that we got Indymedia booted for its content, but refuse to admit that if nazimedia is to be considered a legitimate news site, then so is any group weblog or, for that matter, any blog with uncensored comments. Whoops, sorry, I forgot: Any posts defending Israel tend to disappear on nazimedia. Why is that, you figure?

I would love to see the Arab News taken off Google's newscrawler bots, too, but at least they're a semi-legitimate news source. I would neither start nor join a campaign against them. Once again, the folks on the other side can't see the difference between free speech and the consequences thereof. Nobody's stopping Indymedia from publishing their trash. The only thing that stops is Google News displaying it next to the latest stories from the New York Times.

And that's a good thing.

Google News and nazimedia, part 4

Hold the letters. Nazimedia is gone from Google News. Thank you, everyone who wrote.

And thank you, Google News staff.

Say. There you go. Everyone who sent a letter of complaint, send a thank-you note to Google. They probably don't get too many of those.



Greetings from New Jersey

I took a trip up I-95 today for a quick there-and-back-again to NJ. Because I don't know anyone in the Richmond area to watch the Buffy finale with, and I have a friend who's been watching Buffy ever since I convinced her and her husband that it was much, much better than the first season and she should watch it again. That was toward the end of the second season, when I started watching it because a coworker at Lucent convinced me that it was much, much better than the first season and I should watch it again. He was right, and now it's all his fault that I'm going to be really unhappy after the show is over. Because it will be over. But at least I'll be able to mourn the show with fellow Buffy fans.

So anyway, I was driving over the Nice Bridge and thinking about taking more pictures and making Marduk nervous again, but there was traffic on it and, well, I wasn't stopped, waiting for the flagmen to flag me on this time. (Did I neglect to say that last time, Marduk? Oops.)

But the funny thing is, last time, I passed a flatbed carrying brightly-colored fire hydrants, and wondered in that post how often one gets a chance to see a truck carring fire hydrants.

This often.

Life is funny, sometimes.

So I asked my brother after dinner tonight: What are the odds of this happening? And since he will soon be taking a statistics course, he pointed out to me that it's entirely likely that my route to NJ happens to be a standard delivery route for a fire hydrant company. So it's not really much of a shock that I'd see another truck laden with fireplugs.

Have I mentioned how annoying my brother can be? Yeah, my younger brother. All grown up, and still a pain in the ass. Thanks, Dave.

Ignorance is bliss

I went to bed early Saturay night, and so I missed the breaking news story of yet more dead Jews in Israel.

I didn't get to the news last night until close to ten p.m. I was at a concert, studying teenage and twentysomething behavior while not smoking weed (wow, when did that go out of fashion?) and listening to some great bands (some with really stupid names) and trying not to get too soaking wet (stupid rain).

Let me tell you, no news is good news. Because now I don't want to write about the concert. Maybe later I will.

But at least I wasn't the oldest one there.



The simple solution to Israel's terrorism problem

Kill Arafat.

Just kill the murdering bastard.

You turn on the radio at 6:15 am to hear what's new with the strike and you hear the words "...that was major general Mickey Levy, commander of Jerusalem District Police..." and you know, even before you hear another word, that there has been another terrorist attack.

They have presented evidence to the US and the UN that clearly shows Arafat paying for the murder of Jews, and yet, he remains holed up—with dozens of his fellow murdering Islamonazis—in Ramallah, and he is allowed to live.

The ISM website urges its terrorist-helping members to avoid riding on Israeli buses. Why do you suppose that is?

Sheikh Hussein Bridge in the north: (Be careful when asking for a taxi to this bridge in Amman). Make sure that the taxi driver is clear that you want the SHEIKH Hussein Bridge and not the Malek Hussein Bridge (which is another name for the Allenby Bridge). This option will cost you about 35 Jordanian dinars ($50) from the airport to the bridge. When you cross over, the only practical option is to take a bus to Jerusalem (about 2 hour ride). We don't usually recommend people ride Israeli busses!

Perhaps this is why.

A suicide bomber disguised as an Orthodox Jew boarded a bus and then blew himself up Sunday morning in Jerusalem's French Hill quarter, killing seven people and wounding 20, police said.

But no. It couldn't be as simple as that. The Palestinians are their friends.

Fuck expulsion or isolation. Kill him. Kill him, and every murdering bastard hiding inside with him. And if Terje Larsen or Christopher Patten happens to be visiting at the time, so much the better.


Last week's blogs are archived. Looking for the Buffy Blogburst Index? Here's Israel vs. the world. Here's the Blogathon. The Superhero Dating Ratings are here. If you're looking for something funny, try the Hulk's solution to the Middle East conflict, or Yasser Arafat Secret Phone Transcripts. Iseema bin Laden's diary and The Fudd Doctrine are also good bets if you've never been here before.