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Not that I intended it this way, but today seems to be a day for all things catlike, and not all of them good.

There is cat hair on the roof of my car. This is not a situation I thought I would ever be in. In fact, the roof of my car is the one place that I thought would remain cat hair-free, as my cats occasionally ride in the car, but never on the car. And yet, there is cat hair on the roof of my car.

That would be because a stray cat got into my garage sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning, and decided that it would make itself comfortable by sleeping on my car. On the roof. Which happens to be the soft top. Which happens to now be covered with cat hair. And it's not even my cat. Sigh.

Then there's my cat. Gracie is having asthma attacks again. Why she can't show signs of her asthma attacks in the daytime, during the days my vet is in the office, I don't know. This is the third or fourth time I've had to see if she can hold out until my vet's office opens at 8 the next morning or if I have to rush her to the emergency vet and pay like six times what I'd have to pay my own vet. And don't think for a minute I'll be getting a decent night's sleep tonight. If she has an asthma attack, that will wake me up. The fact that I'm going to want to check to see if she's breathing every hour or so will probably interfere with my sleep as well.

Then I have to keep an eye on Roxy, the cat king of the neighborhood. He's fourteen, and my next-door neighbors are out of town, so I'm watching him and hoping he doesn't drop dead of old age on my watch. So far, so good.

You know, it's my own fault. This morning, I put on this stupid cat t-shirt that my mom gave me. I never would have bought it myself; it's far too cutesy, but I figured I'd wear it today since I didn't feel like doing laundry this morning. It's one of those shirts I reserve for the "it's time to do the laundry" part of the week. So I started off the day on a cat theme, and it looks like I'll be ending the day on a cat theme. Here's hoping I don't have to make that middle-of-the-night drive to the emergency vet. Double sigh.--MAY