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Email quoting policy: I like to quote interesting and relevant email from time to time. My favorite form is to write something like, "Reader John D. points out that the capital of North Dakota is Bismarck, not Trenton. Thanks, John." I will occasionally quote a line or three, or paraphrase an email without attribution, as in "A reader writes..."

If I want to quote your letter extensively, I will generally ask for your permission. The exception: If you're going to send insulting and obnoxious email, I reserve the right to quote you without asking. If the letter makes it past the trash can, that is. So far, none have.

If you absolutely, positively never want me to quote you, and you're not sending abusive email, just mention "not for publication" or "Do not quote" somewhere in the message.

Linking policy: I will link to weblogs that I like and find funny or interesting, or even those I get guilted into linking. I don't mind the occasional email mentioning a specific post or blog. I don't care for an email every day, or several a day. That'll get you into my killfile. But also realize that my weblog is mostly essays. I'm not Instapundit, and don't aspire to be. My linking posts are irregular and will remain so. It certainly helps to be writing about things that also interest me, and it would be a mistake not to read a little bit on this weblog to see what those subjects are. An "I Hate Buffy" site? Not a chance.

By the way, readers are encouraged to send me links as well. I can't link 'em if I don't know about 'em.

Copyright: All pages copyright (c) Meryl Yourish. If you would like to quote material from this website, feel free to do so, as long as you acknowledge the source and/or link back to the post. Do not link directly to any images on my server without my express emailed permission; that's stealing bandwidth that I have to pay for, without the benefit of getting visitors to my site to see the post. It's also a crummy thing to do.