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Mideast Media Sampler – 05/27/2013

1) Why didn’t Abbas answer Olmert? Last week Avi Issacharoff reported on a recent interview he had with Ehud Olmert in The Tower. Much of the story was known, but Olmert provided some new specifics about his offer to Abbas … Continue reading

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Thursday news briefs

Yeah, but this time, you’ll be boycotted: India.Arie, a singer whom I’ve never heard of ’til today (sorry, I’m just not hip anymore), is releasing her new album with songs in Hebrew and English, in collaboration with Israeli singer Idan … Continue reading

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Tuesday news roundup

Israeli Double Standard Time: Say, you know who’s banning books because they conflict with their view of their religion? Hamas. You know who’s not calling Hamas a fascist state? Time magazine. What time is it? That’s right. But it’s not … Continue reading

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Getting it wrong on Lebanon

I tend not to pay attention to the AP analysis on the Middle East, because it is so often wrong. Watching the AP spin the “negotiations” for the new Lebanese prime minister is a great example of how they get … Continue reading

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Your Tuesday briefs

“Spontaneous” pro-Hizbollah demos popping up in Lebanon: Love the report of “hand-held radios” being spotted. Read: Walkie-talkies with which to receive their instructions. Associated Press reporters saw at least four gatherings of up to 30 people each, dressed in black … Continue reading

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AP now letting Hezbollah set the boilerplate

Seriously? The AP is so desperate for “balance” that they’re now quoting the paranoid accusations of a terrorist group as boilerplate “balance”? Because here’s what the AP wrote about the indictment filed against Hezbollah by the UN commission: The court … Continue reading

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The what day is today? briefs

No time left for Time: Abe Greenwald reads that drek, so I don’t have to. The magazine that gave us “Menachem Begin (rhymes with Fagin) is bashing Israel again. Say, it’s a weekly magazine, isn’t it? And this is a … Continue reading

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Thursday, briefly

UN to Lebanon: Come back when you’ve got something we can use against Israel: Ban Ki-Moon told Lebanon that the UN’s duties in Lebanon, cf. UNSCR 1701, do not include declaring maritime borders. Let us review the facts: Lebanon didn’t … Continue reading

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UN follies

File this under “How could they tell?” (I missed it two weeks ago, but it must now be told.) The UN was evacuated due to a foul stench. U.N. security officials evacuated the buildings where the Security Council and the … Continue reading

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In a hurry briefs

So how did Lebanon get the technology to find Israeli spy tech again? Oh, that’s right. America gave it to them. And Hizbollah is using it to take out Israeli tech on a recurring basis, thus endangering Israelis (and Americans, … Continue reading

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Whitewashing terrorists’ speech

I really do wonder, sometimes, why the AP constantly quotes Chipmunk Cheeks. They don’t pretend he wants peace, but they do have a much softer spin on what he actually said. Note the headline, which makes you think the article … Continue reading

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Sunday long weekend briefs

Yeah, that outreach is really working: Iran is now practically declaring that Lebanon is its client state: They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, so the big question is: Will Iran go to war with Israel if there is … Continue reading

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Short week tired Monday morning briefs

The noose tightens around Hezbollah: So, as the UN actually accomplishes something, the committee investigating Rafik Hariri’s death is closer and closer to naming Hezbollah as the perpetrator. The question is, will Hezbollah take Lebanon down over the results? Secondary … Continue reading

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Thursday morning un-brief briefs

Living in peace, if peace means “trying to kill people by throwing cement blocks at their cars:” Yep, those peaceful Palestinians, who are only waiting for the stubborn Israelis to stop causing them to do things like throw cement blocks … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

Yeah, sure, okay: Iran says that it chased half a dozen foreign jets out of its airspace during air defense drills. Also, sixteen UFOs, forty-five Zionist infiltrators, and Santa Claus on an early test run of the new RoboRudolph. Oh, … Continue reading

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