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Obama, Sarkozy, and Bibi

My own take. It is problematic that the media chose to keep this secret or frankly that they were asked to do so. That said, let me offer what I think would be the pro-Obama angle on this conversation just for … Continue reading

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What is Wrong with 67 Lines with Swaps?

What is wrong with “the 1967 borders and mutually agreed upon swaps?” As a stand alone statement, it is problematic for a number of reasons. First, the pre-1967 lines are actually armistice lines, not borders. This means that they were … Continue reading

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What No One Seems to Be Mentioning

When President Obama spoke last week at the State Department, he said something, different things, that upset virtually every Middle Eastern nation or group. Pissing off the Mullahs does not bother me. Calling out Bahrain while not mentioning Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Who’s Going Under The Bus?

President Obama is going to lay out his new Middle East policy this week including a new attempt to force a start to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. We can discuss later a fact which we have discussed many times before, namely the … Continue reading

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All the Forces?

Speaking to a group of Jewish donors in Miami, according to the Jerusalem Post, President Obama said the following: “All the forces that we see building in Egypt are the forces that should be naturally aligned with the US, [and] … Continue reading

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Purim Katan – The Threat of The Mob

Everywhere in the world today, minorities are under threat. Some of you, no–many of you, would note, “They always are.” Yet, the truth is that such threats are relative and today, I am concerned. Americans believe that power is derived … Continue reading

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Naive Foreign Policy

So the US proposed to back a resolution basically reaffirming what it should not have affirmed in 1979 about the legitimacy of settlements, though a weaker version. The current reported proposal would only condemn “continued” settlement building, something that hardly … Continue reading

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So…What if?

Let us for a moment ask, “What if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to control Egypt?” Let us in addition argue that this would not be in the form of an Iran-esque theocracy, but a Turkish style Islamist democracy. I wrote … Continue reading

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The State of the Pursuit of a Palestinian State

Those interested in the peace process as it stands today should read my piece “Palestinian Leverage” followed by my article on the Wikileaks and the Arab perspective both written in November.  The combination of factors that I note in those articles … Continue reading

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Wikileaks and the Arab Perspective

Barry Rubin and the GLORIA Center noted that the Wikileaks documents confirm what they have been saying about the Middle East. Among other things, what the Wikileaks docs show is that what the administration has been saying about a “linkage” … Continue reading

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