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Saturday catblogging

I tried to edit an mpeg with muvee, a program that came with my HP Pavilion, and gave up when it yelled at me for going over ten seconds because it put five seconds worth of captions in the movie. So you'll have to settle for a few still shots of Tig and Gracie. You can also check out Rahel's Lady in Red kitty photo essay for all your Saturday catblogging needs.

Here's my goofball, yowling at me to pet him:

Goofy Tig

And here's Gracie, far too dignified to ever be caught dead in such a position as her brother:

Dignified Gracie

Then again, I may get another shot of Gracie during one of her daily bellyrub sessions. I'm thinking no cat can look dignified with all four of its paws up in the air and its eyes closed in ecstasy.

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April things

Thing 1: Well, the stomach flu isn't quite gone, but it's far more manageable this morning. I think I've turned the corner. The quilt has been taken upstairs. In fact, the first thing I did upon waking this morning was take a shower. Aaaaah. I feel much better now. Plus, I went out to the store and stocked up on juice, Gatorade, and various bland foods that I'm so sick of eating I could scream. Sorry, Dan, no raspberry juice. I looked. I don't have something to make smoothies with, and I didn't want the jam. I do not like raspberry jam. I do not like it, Daninvan. Instead, I have pineapple juice, which I adore, and wish I'd bought a couple more cans of, considering it's nearly all gone already. I'll get more tomorrow. One thing I can't seem to shake is the headache, though.

Thing 2: It is not April weather here in Richmond, and I am not happy. It's not as cold as it's been, but still, I should be bitching that I want to take my Jeep top off, not bitching about how cold it is. I would like my spring, please, because I'm rather sure we're going to jump into summer instead. Oh, sure, the trees are beginning to leaf, particularly the willows, but that doesn't mean it's warm out. Just that it's spring.

Thing 3: I found a spider inside a web in my Jeep, in the back corner of the gate. I was discussing it with Sarah, who told me it was probably a female laying eggs.

The spider is no longer in my Jeep.

Thing 4: Now this is a dilemma. I've reached my pineapple juice limit for the afternoon, but I'm not quite finished with the glass of juice yet. I want my Coke, so my headache will go away. What to do, what to do... ah. Drink 'em both. I'm a two-fisted drinker, folks. You got a problem with that?

Thing 5: Okay, so there's this bird, and it's obviously doing its spring thing, singing away, probably for a mate. But the problem is, it has only two notes. Two. One-two, one-two, one-two. And they're not particularly musical. How does one tell a bird to STFU and make it stick?

Well, at least it isn't a Woodpecker (Part I , Part II , Part III , Part IV , Part V ).

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The news through a fog

Presented without much analysis because even though I am better, I am still too foggy to do much in the way of blogging.

Jews? There are Jews in MEALAC classes? The Columbia University whitewash, from two different sources.

The palestinians are still not disarming: Yeah, they're not very cute, either. Shaul Mofaz says the pals still refuse to disarm the terrorists. Yeah, we knew that.

Oh, now you want to get rid of weapons: Mahmoud Abbas finally gets mad over attacks by palestinian terrorists, and orders a crackdown on weapons—after they shoot at him. Looks like they can get rid of terrorists' weapons, after all. Just not the ones aimed at Jews.

This is huge: The Israeli Supreme Court allows partial non-Israeli Orthodox conversions. When I figure out exactly what that means (after this flu thing finally lifts from my brain), I'll discuss it further. But it's huge. I know that much.

Look, we have religious bigots, too: Orthodox Jews join in the protests against Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade. You will notice, however, that capital punishment is not an option, as opposed to, say, palestinian gays. Don't lie down with these dogs, guys, you're gonna get fleas all over you.

Exporting terror: Yeah, we knew that, too. Caught a pal in the Philippines, who's supposedly Al Qaeda, and has been training terrorists. Lovely people. Let's give them a state.

And we're done. The good news is Stomach Flu From Hell is now Stomach Flu From Heck. I slept most of the day and would frankly like to go back to sleep right now, but can't, since I'd like to actually, y'know, sleep at night. If I could only get rid of this damned headache, which Sarah says is a sign of dehydration. I'm drinking as fast as I can. Now if only I could muster up the energy to go out and get some Gatorade. Well, water will do in a pinch, I'm sure.

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We interrupt the news for this important de-linking announcement

There's a lot of middle east news to catch up on today, but first, this one's for you, Michele. And Jeff, and Glenn, and Jeff, and Charles, and Bill, and Cox & Forkum. It seems that every time I read about a delinking, it just makes me want to link to the people who have been summarily dismissed.

Oh, and this guy throws in a little bit of Jew-baiting, too. Jeff Goldstein just may get a link a day from me for a while now.

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Ooh, I'm dyin'

Stomach bug. Really bad one. It's been pretending to go away during the day and comes back at night. I had, oh, an hour's sleep last night.

Posting, as you may have noticed, will be light. Like my menu for the day. Mm, crackers.


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MFYA: It's an angry group blog. But they're kinda funny, too. Of course, I couldn't possibly offend people by saying which of their offensive posts made me laugh the most. And then there's that large part of me that wants to join them. Under a pseudonym, of course. There's almost nothing better than snarking when you're in a lousy mood. Oh, wait, I get to snark right here under my very own name. Never mind.

Happy birthday, Timekeeper: Wow, three years old! You know, you have to time the Internet in dog years, so you're now old enough to drink.

It's like he's my long-lost brother or something: Omri posts, and frankly, all I really need to do is link to what he posts instead of writing my own. Well, except he often goes for days without posting, like he has a life or something. I already have one "adopted" baby brother, and Lair Simon is high on the list to be next, but what the hell, there's always room for one more.

Hypocrites Inc.: Via Jim Miller, a military blogger tells us the dirty little secret behind most of Iraq's "suicide" bombers: They're assisted. By their handlers.

Phew, finally, a different subject: I can link to this post by Ilyka, anyway. You may notice a certain subject is never discussed on this blog. That will remain a strict policy here forevermore.

What? Sexism on the job? In this day and age? Can't be! Oh, yes it can, and Trish Wilson's got the facts. Oh, here, too.

Check out the other bloggers on my links page. As Glenn likes to day, there's lots of bloggy goodness elsewhere.

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Today's moment of kitty zen

Let sleeping cats lie.

Tig asleep in the sun

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For your reading pleasure

Israel21C has a blog. Check it out. They didn't ask me to write for it. That would most likely be because I'm not an Israeli blogger. But the folks quoted in this article are.

Columbia bites back: Last week, the Columbia blogger at CampusJ detailed how professors at Columbia are using the accusation of McCarthyism to fight charges of anti-Semitism in the Middle East studies department. So what pops up on my newsreader radar today? An article in the Columbia Spectator, detailing how "outsiders" are using McCarthyite tactics to smear Columbia's MEALAC with charges of anti-Semitism. Go. Read 'em both.

The war is coming: I've said this before, and I'm saying it again. I don't believe the peace will last. I believe another war is coming, and this is one of the reasons why:

GAZA - The current lull in fighting is a false calm, used by terrorists to gather strength ahead of the next round of violence, senior al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades figure Abu-Musab told Ynet Saturday.

“What’s happening now isn’t considered a calm. It’s merely a warrior’s rest,” he says. “When the confrontation renews, we’ll be back with methods and tools never before seen.”

[...] "In our religion, in the Koran, it says you should not believe the Jews,” he says. “The Jews won’t accept us until we join them, their religion, and until we stop demanding our rights.”

Abu-Musab, who is the Brigades commander in the northern Gaza Strip, also warns that talk by Jewish far right activists regarding attacks on the al-Aqsa mosque, as well settlement expansion, ensure the current lull would not last long.

“It must be clear, every attack or attempt to target al-Aqsa means not only the end of the calm, but a renewed, much more serious eruption (of violence,)” he says.

And then there's this:

HAIFA - The Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be resolved before Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas disarms the Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon said Friday.

Speaking at a meeting of business leaders in Haifa, Yaalon warned against getting “too excited by the temporary calm," and added terror groups were regrouping and rearming under cover of a temprorary period of calm.

[...] Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, a Gaza terror group, told Ynet his organization has no intention to observe the intra-Palestinian Cairo agreement to maintain calm.

“I say to the residents of Sderot, return to your bomb shelters. You’ve never seen what we’ve got in store for you,” he said.

The war is far from over. Then again, when the pals attack unprovoked from Gaza, the world could hardly blame Israel for hitting back. [slaps head] What am I saying? Never mind.

When Irish Jews are smiling: Irish football fans head to Israel, Israeli terror victims head to Ireland. It's a strange mix, but it seems to have worked. Hat tip: Jon Ihle.

Okay, I'm outta here. Time to pick up a prescription at Costco before rush hour begins. And spring has apparently sprung in Richmond—finally. It's in the 70s and sunny after half a day of monsoon thunderstorm weather.

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He's not dead yet

Big heavy sigh for Worf, whose tumor is advancing weekly. I was over for dinner tonight, and Heidi told me she thought that this would be the week she has him put down. Before I left, I told her I didn't think it was quite time yet. I don't know what she'll do. Our biggest concern is his quality of life. I think he's in pain, yes, but not so much, and not to the point where he should be euthanized. He still has a lot of life left in him.

While Heidi was outside doing yard work, Worf did some countersurfing and discovered two packages of strawberries ripening on the kitchen counter. By the time I arrived, I found two plastic strawberry cases on the floor, thought, "Gee, I guess the dogs pulled these out of the recycling," and put them in the bag before finding Heidi out in the yard. I didn't bother to mention it. The dogs are always pulling things out of the recycling. I was inside before Heidi finished, what with her having to walk through mud and my refusing to join her. So I was at the computer in the Great Room, surfing the web, when Heidi came in from the kitchen carrying the two empty strawberry cases. She looked annoyed. Our conversation went something like this:

"Did you put these in the recycling?"
"Yes." [Hell, I don't even like strawberries, surely she doesn't think I ate them.] "I found them on the floor. I thought the dogs pulled them out of the bag."
"They were full! Full! They weren't ripe! I left them on the counter to ripen!
"He got them both?"
"Well, I guess you shouldn't leave strawberries ripening on the counter any more."

For some reason, she didn't appreciate that advice. On the other hand, Worf didn't throw them up, at least, not while I was there. I can't vouch for what will happen tonight, what with a stomach full of strawberries, plus lunch today, plus a fair amount of beef from dinner. (Worf is eating high on the hog these days, what with being a condemned dog and all. He gets his own share. You can't even call them scraps. And yes, he gets plenty from me.)

I hope Heidi decides to wait a while longer. One of the reasons she wanted me over for dinner was to say goodbye to Worf. But I don't think he's there yet. I know we're not. That effing tumor. If it were anywhere else....

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Around the Middle East

The future of Britain: Is this what British writers have to look forward to under the new legislation concerning religious incitement? (And why is it that these laws never seems to include anti-Semitism?)

KUWAIT CITY (AP) - A liberal university professor - tired of legal and verbal assaults from fundamentalists who say he mocks Islam - has given up his fight for freedom of speech in a country he says has become infested with the "germs and viruses of hatred and tyranny."

Ahmed al-Baghdadi - sentenced last week to a suspended one-year prison term for mocking Islam - said he has written his last newspaper column. Earlier, he said he would seek asylum in a Western country to protect his life, his family and his freedom of expression.

Re-arming for the war: The palestinians are importing shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, most probably with Egypt's blessings. Those missiles are great for taking out helicopters. So what is the palestinian response?

Palestinian officials denied Mofaz's accusations, saying he was trying to divert attention from Israeli violations of the Feb. 8 cease-fire agreement.

"Mofaz and the Israeli government are trying to hide the truth by sending this statement to the public," a senior Palestinian security official said on condition of anonymity.

The article then goes into great detail about how Israel is not living up to its side of the road map agreement, without once mentioning that the first thing the road map states is that the pals have to cease terror and disarm terrorists. Funny, that. Why, you'd think the AP was biased or something. Of course, this is my favorite quote of the article, in spite of the AP trying to make it sound ominous:

"If the Palestinians don't get a hold of the Strellas, we will," Mofaz was quoted as saying.

By the way, the first part of that quote is even more important:

"Last week, several Strellas were smuggled in by Palestinian military intelligence."

They are re-arming for the bigger war that they intend to start once Gaza and the West Bank are under their control.

Did too! Did not! The UN report says Syria was deeply involved in the Hariri assassination, and that Syrian and Lebanese destroyed evidence at the bomb scene. Lebanon says the UN is full of it. Meryl says: Is anyone surprised at this?

Lebanese Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hammoud said the U.N. fact-finding team, whose report was released Thursday, had gone beyond its mandate.

"The (U.N.) mission had no authority to allow it to reach these conclusions," he said. "We see this as infringement on the role of the Lebanese government.

Meryl says: Speak, Syrian sock puppet! Speak! While you can, anyway. The Fleet is on its way.

Today is going to be a nice, lazy day for me. Happy Easter, to those who celebrate the holiday. I've got an armload of DVDs and a couple hours' of soaps to catch up on. I may break to post more. Can't tell until it happens. But then, there's a yowling kitty upstairs dragging an ID chain around for me to take so she can chase it.

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