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Some weeks ago, I followed a link somewhere to Kim du Toit's weblog and found several letters written by a Captain in the Air Force stationed at Prince Sultan Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia. I read them with great interest, and checked back every so often for new letters. Then, after my Eat an Animal for PETA campaign in response to PETA's loathsome "Holocaust on your plate" advertising offensive, I received a letter from a Captain Steven, who told me that he'd be enjoying steak night in the mess hall in Saudi Arabia that night. In my reply, I asked if he was "the famous Captain Steve" from Kim du Toit's blog, and discovered that he hadn't even known Kim was posting his letters. The next thing I knew, I was on Steven's (he prefers that name) cc: list, and have been posting his letters ever since.

Here, for your convenience, is a complete list of Captain Steven's letters, including the ones on Kim's site that I don't have (right column). And if you're fascinated by ServiceBlogs, there's also Sgt. Pontifex and LT Smash.

1: The Storm is Here From the Sandbox I
2: Riding the Storm From the Sandbox II
3: 24 March From the Sandbox III
4: Sand Storm From the Sandbox IV
5: The Eye of the Storm From the Sandbox V
6: Respite  
7: Fear of Fueling  
8: Another night sortie  
9: What I ask  
10: The End of the Beginning  
11. Pizza, Poetry, Love in Wartime  
12. Coffee, Machine Guns, Paper Mache  
13. Bird Problems  
14. Why it's Called "The Mean Time"  
15. Heading for Iraq  
16. Hurry Up and Wait  
17. Finis Flight  
18. Homecoming