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KittyPalooza: Tig (go to Gracie's page)

A winter kittyland

My butt is really, really cold.

Tig goes into the closet

This is my closet shelf, which Tig has decided is now his.

Nose to nose with the dreaded strange black cat.

The black cat sprays my bushes and rubs his scent on the patio, which is why Tig rubs his scent on the patio every time he goes out. (Mine! No, mine!) Here, Tig is trying to decide if they're going to be pals or not.


Go away, I'm busy sleeping

In a box, on the sofa, because he knows he's not allowed on the sofa proper. (Not that this stops him if I'm not paying attention.)

What time is it?

This is pretty much what I see about half the mornings of the year. The other half he's just outside the door, yowling for me to get up and let him out.

How do I get down from here again?

On top of the microwave, on his way down from the kitchen shelf. He is allowed on neither, of course.

I'm so cool. Really.

If Tig got any cooler, he'd be able to freeze water.

In the window

In the picture window on a cloudy day, waiting for me to come inside.

Michael Oren's Six Days of War--great book!

This is my overstuffed leather armchair. It's part of my living room set, and has an incredibly large and comfortable ottoman, which Tig has taken over for his own purposes. But today, Tig decided it was time to read a book in my armchair. Okay. Time to lie on a book in my armchair. He gets highly offended when I throw him out of it, too.