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KittyPalooza: Gracie (go to Tig's page)

Gracie stalking the black cat

The black cat it outside on the patio, and Gracie is defending her territory—through the closed glass door. Check out the poofy tail.

In the kitty condo

Kneel before Zod!

Rub my belly!

This is a rare photograph of Gracie in her "Rub my belly" position. Once the belly-rubbing starts, her paws flex like she's a nursing kitten again, and the purring gets very loud.

Window cat

Watching my arrival from the picture window, her favorite morning spot. (It faces east.)

At the vet's

I am so gonna get you when we get home.

Half asleep in the condo

Am I not the cutest cat you ever saw?

Yawn.  Kitties are such in-teresting people.

Normally, Gracie looks incredibly cute when she yawns. I caught this while I was trying to get another belly-rub picture, and frankly, she looks like the monster in the Bugs Bunny cartoon: "OHMIGOD, it's PEOPLE!"

Yes, I love you, now stop taking pictures!

I'd rather be sleeping, but if you insist....

I didn't take any box. Tig did it.

Box? What box? I didn't see a box anywhere. You're looking for a box?