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Israel is Sorry – An Apology to Turkey

Shalom, Salaam, blessings be upon our friends the Turkish people. We in Israel are sorry for what occurred in regard to the episode of the Free Gaza Flotilla. We are sorry that lives were lost because militants on board attacked … Continue reading

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Thursday Passover news roundup

Seriously? On April 20th? Seriously? The irony is so thick on this one, you’d swear I’m making it up. Bill White, American neo-Nazi shithead, had his conviction overturned and was released yesterday—on the anniversary of the birthday of the world’s … Continue reading

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Friday Friday briefs briefs

And the Turks said they found no weapons aboard the plane: Remember this story? I do. The Turks originally said the plane was searched and released and that they found no weapons aboard it. And yet, they are reporting to … Continue reading

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The media pass along lies of Turkey’s inquiry as truth

When the Israeli Turkel Committee’s report came out exonerating the IDF in the Mavi Marmara incident, the AP included a breakdown of who served on the committee. Reuters mentioned the video footage that showed “activists” attacking Israeli soldiers in an … Continue reading

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Thursday news round-up

Um, so what? Ha’aretz profiles a book that says Jews fighting for the state of Israel hid their weapons in “immoral” places, such as—well, I’m not sure. Because the article doesn’t exactly state explicitly where these caches were, except for … Continue reading

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Bloggers: We bring you the truth, because the media won’t

Barry Rubin wrote something in a column that essentially sums up what is wrong with reporting today. And what’s wrong with it? The media do not report the truth. Here’s how a friend of mine summed up the recent period: … Continue reading

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What the AP doesn’t tell you, part 2

The AP quotes every anti-Israel quote it can find from Turkey’s Prime Minister’s interview with Al Jazeera. But it left out this one: Hamas “is not a terrorist movement.” It gets better. During an interview, the Turkish leader said Hamas … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning briefs

Netanyahu to Turkey: Bite me. NFW will Israel be apologizing to Turkey for killing nine terrorists—sorry, “activists”—who attacked IDF soldiers while they were rapelling down from helicopters and sitting in boats alongside the Marvel of Mumbles. And oh, yeah—there’s also … Continue reading

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Crazy Uncle Lieberman: Pissing off everyone at the dinner

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is like the crazy uncle at family gatherings who says things that nobody else wants to hear, or admit. Sure, sometimes he really says crazy things, but sometimes, he just speaks the truth. Lieberman called … Continue reading

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What the AP doesn’t tell you about Israel

What the AP reports: The activists, mostly members of pro-Islamic groups, waved Palestinian and Turkish flags and chanted “down with Israel” and “Allah is great” as they greeted the vessel. Protesters also boarded boats to welcome the approaching ship, which … Continue reading

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