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Mideast Media Sampler – 07/05/2013

1) Debating the coup at the New York Times Much of the editorial opinion and some of the reporting in the mainstream media has opposed the Egyptian military’s forcible removal of Mohammed Morsi as President of Egypt. Actually, surprisingly, there’s … Continue reading

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Mideast Media Sampler – 07/01/2013

Taken by Surprise Perhaps the biggest protest in the Arab world took place yesterday in Cairo (and elsewhere in Egypt.) The group, Tamarod (“rebel” in Arabic), claimed to have gathered. 22 million signatures, calling for the resignation of President Morsi, … Continue reading

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Mideast Media Sampler 04/10/2013

1) Egyptian plagues Last week Zvi Mazel wrote in the Jerusalem Post (h/t Leslie Eastman) In a remarkable and enduring show of unity, non-Islamic opposition parties under the banner of the National Salvation Front are boycotting the regime until their … Continue reading

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Passover briefs

Nothing works quite like bullying and blackmail: The “Quartet,” which includes the U.S., says that if Netanyahu doesn’t come up with a peace plan, they may just recognize a Palestinian state without a deal. Say, that’s a great idea. Ask … Continue reading

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The you read ’em, I’m busy briefs

Syrian WMDs: Apparently, not a casus belli for the world. Syria aimed chemical warheads at Israel and was ready to fire them after the attack on the nuclear plant. Good to know for the future. I’m sure the IDF will … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast, freedom version

In Egypt, women marching for equal rights were harassed, sexually assaulted, and beaten. Thousands of men surrounded hundreds of women and drove them from Tahrir Square on International Women’s Day. The AP headline for this story? Egyptian women’s rights protest … Continue reading

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All the Forces?

Speaking to a group of Jewish donors in Miami, according to the Jerusalem Post, President Obama said the following: “All the forces that we see building in Egypt are the forces that should be naturally aligned with the US, [and] … Continue reading

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Muslims Attack Coptic Community in Egypt

Read this story about Muslims attacking the Coptic community in Egypt. According to the story, Muslims killed the father of a Muslim woman who had some sort of relationship with a Copt because he would not kill her in an … Continue reading

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Muslim ERA Watch: Muslim Brotherhood edition

Long-time reader DG wrote the following: There’s a really cute story in the Washington Post: Egypt women stand for equality in the square Though the reporter was reporting from the demonstration on Friday, there was no mention of Sheikh Qaradawi’s … Continue reading

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Sunday news briefs

Smart power! The PA is saying that the U.S. should be “ashamed” of vetoing the settlement resolution. Imagine, if you will, the outrage that would spew if an Israeli official—even anonymously—said the U.S. should be ashamed for anything regarding Israel. … Continue reading

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Purim Katan – The Threat of The Mob

Everywhere in the world today, minorities are under threat. Some of you, no–many of you, would note, “They always are.” Yet, the truth is that such threats are relative and today, I am concerned. Americans believe that power is derived … Continue reading

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Obama’s foreign policy: Pretty dumb power

Barack Obama is being reviled in Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked Barack Obama on Friday, saying the American president “doesn’t even know how to spell his own name properly.” During a visit to Bushehr ahead of a scheduled rally … Continue reading

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Wednesday news round-up

Fleeing the sinking ship: The first wave of Egyptian refugees has reached Europe. Human rights organizations finally picking on someone besides Israel: I guess when you start hanging people whose only crime was protesting the despotic government, even HRW and … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Barry Rubin, the voice of sanity, on Egypt’s revolution: While a wave of attempts at popular revolution will spread, that doesn’t mean they will succeed. In large part, by the way, the world is under an illusion over Egypt. Mubarak … Continue reading

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There arose in Egypt…???

“Pharaoh is gone.” Mubarak is no longer the leader of Egypt. The military is going to hold down the fort and will most certainly end the emergency laws in place for the past 30 years as soon as circumstances allow. … Continue reading

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