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Thursday briefs

But hey, let’s concentrate on Israel: There are now one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon that have registered with the UN. The irony of the Lebanese Hezbollah being part of the reason they have fled Syria doesn’t appear to have … Continue reading

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The irony, it is huge: Iranians are telling their leaders to be more like Israel. Yes, really. Pakistani terrorists murdered a kidnapped Iranian border guard when Iran refused to release hundreds of Sunni prisoners in Iranian jails. Iranians point out … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

The 21st century No: The Arab League refuses to admit that Israel is a Jewish state, Israel was a Jewish state, and Israel will always be a Jewish state. Because admitting that Israel is a Jewish state means the end … Continue reading

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The Useless UN

Once again, the UN Human Wrongs Council is ignoring what’s really wrong with the world and focusing on–you guessed it–Israel. The United Nations Human Rights Council debated five anti-Israel resolutions — including one that calls for a business boycott of … Continue reading

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A look inside the muddled mind of Hamas

Mahmoud Abbas made a unilateral decision to remove religion from Palestinian ID cards, and Hamas and fundamentalist Muslims are up in arms over it. The story: According to Alawi, since religion is mentioned on a citizen’s birth certificate — as … Continue reading

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Amnesty’s calumny against Israel continues

It’s no secret that Amnesty International hates Israel. Its directors have been caught writing, saying, and tweeting anti-Israel comments at every turn. The title alone is biased. ‘Trigger-happy’ Israeli army and police use reckless force in the West Bank How … Continue reading

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The Israeli Double Standard

How many times have Obama “administration officials” lectured, scolded, and otherwise harassed Israel every time an official spoke the truth (like saying John Kerry was “obsessed” with the peace talks and they were going terribly)? Well, here’s what Kerry said … Continue reading

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The PC(USA) anti-Israel hit piece

PC(USA) has long been anti-Israel, but their new study guide–created by the vehemently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center–is nothing but a hit piece against Israel and Zionism. And oh yeah, they’re as bad as Nazis. Lazar Berman … Continue reading

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The what day is this? briefs

This is why Israel shouldn’t be paying a dime: Erdogan says there will be no normalizing of relations with Turkey unless Israel lifts the “siege” of Gaza. Sure, stop the IDF from preventing Syria, Lebanon, and Iran from transporting tons … Continue reading

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Calling BS on the mainstreaming of BDS

You know what’s keeping people from being blown to bits by terrorists at Sochi? An Israeli-made security system. An Israeli company called NICE Systems (yes, really) has deployed a network of platforms that provide the Sochi Olympic Games with what … Continue reading

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