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My thoughts on international women’s day

If I were in elementary school, I’d probably have to write an essay about what I think of womon on international women’s day. In that spirit, I think I shall write an essay. (Tip: I think it’s going to change … Continue reading

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It’s not feminism that’s killing the Jewish Conservative movement

Avi Woolf went on an anti-feminist rant that has nothing to do with Conservative Judaism, but hey–he gets in a lot of cracks about feminists and pretends he knows something about Conservative Judaism while he’s at it. And yet, I … Continue reading

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Monday Monday briefs

So it’s pretty much all bad news, huh? Let’s take a look. The new Pharoah: Morsi’s standing tough on his power grab, and the Obama Administration has yet to say much about it. The new pseudo-state: The Palestinians are still … Continue reading

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Narrative fail

President Obama was leading in the battle for women’s votes, by a double-digit margin, not very long ago. But he couldn’t keep that lead after the debates. But he kept trying to pull the “war on women” bullshit. Then suddenly, … Continue reading

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Labor Day Monday news roundup

Muslim ERA watch: So, those moderate Muslim Brotherhood guys who are now running Egypt? They’re so, so moderate that Egypt’s state news anchorwoman now has to wear a hijab. You gotta love the explanation: But new Islamist Information Minister Salah … Continue reading

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Failtilla and other news briefs

Failtilla: Really? 40? Only 40 of the Flytidiots made it to Israel? Police officials said hundreds more activists are expected to arrive in Israel throughout the day. Oh, so there are going to be hundreds. Wow. Epic fail. Sure, Shari’a … Continue reading

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The Exception Clause, Part 2

Longtime readers know that The Exception Clause on this blog consists of the words “except for Israel” added to situations that every other nation is allowed. One example would be that all nations have the right to retaliate when being … Continue reading

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Thursday, briefly

Yeah, sure you will: Apparently, the Iranians think that they can close the Strait of Hormuz if the UN enacts any more sanctions against them. I’m thinking not, and so does the Fifth Fleet. And the Iranians think this is … Continue reading

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Tuesday post-holiday weekend briefs

Back at work, and not loving it? Yeah, me too. Of course they are: The Muslim Brotherhood is over the moon about their offshoot, Hamas. Why the love? Because Hamas is succeeding in getting the world to bend to its … Continue reading

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Monday morning briefs

Ding dong the witch is dead: Kim Jong-il is gone. Alas, another is ready to take his place. Stupid Sith lords. Not my grandfather’s religion: I don’t care what you say, rioting is not the part of Orthodox Judaism that … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

You know, it isn’t a biased story if it’s true: The AP is covering Israel’s Haredi problems with women. It’s shameful. Women have been beaten, spit on, forced to the back of buses, and insulted. And the men doing it … Continue reading

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Wednesday in briefs

Feminists for Palestinians: Working against their own interests. Israel just graduated its first female bomb specialist. And by “bomb specialist,” I mean the non-terrorist version of that job: One who disarms bombs instead of builds them. Compare Inbal Gawi to … Continue reading

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The post-holiday news roundup

Yes, but you’re assuming Abbas wanted things to turn out differently: Elliott Abrams writes about the failure that is Mahmoud Abbas, but I think he wasn’t as much of a failure as Abrams says. He is going to get a … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast, freedom version

In Egypt, women marching for equal rights were harassed, sexually assaulted, and beaten. Thousands of men surrounded hundreds of women and drove them from Tahrir Square on International Women’s Day. The AP headline for this story? Egyptian women’s rights protest … Continue reading

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Muslim ERA Watch: Muslim Brotherhood edition

Long-time reader DG wrote the following: There’s a really cute story in the Washington Post: Egypt women stand for equality in the square Though the reporter was reporting from the demonstration on Friday, there was no mention of Sheikh Qaradawi’s … Continue reading

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