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IEAPD 2004

IRebecca at the beginning of the meal

Rebecca started out with veggies from the buffet. Clean, neat, and wearing a sad expression because she has no meat.

Meryl's IEAPD lunch

This was what I ordered: The beef brisket sandwich and two sides, which I decided would be hush puppies and corn patties. Yum.

Nate works on a chicken nugget

Nate is eating a chicken nugget. We told him to pose for a picture while eating a chicken nugget. He did. We didn't specify being able to see what he was eating.

Nate is done with his chicken nuggets!

French fries triumphant! Nate has cleared his plate. Now he gets to grab some of Jake's grilled cheese sandwich.

Notice the look of concentration as Rebecca eats a piece of hot dog

Notice the veggies thrown aside for the hot dogs, buffet meat, and the (empty) dish of cole slaw—all of which Rebecca ate with her hands. This picture does not do her justice, but may I say that I refused to hold her hand on the way to the van. Nope. I make it a policy to help Mommies at all times, except when sticky hands are involved. Or dirty diapers.

French fry fangs are appealing to all ages

We simply roared over the deadpan expression. Max put the french fries in his mouth on his own and turned toward his mom. I grabbed the camera and prayed he wouldn't change his mind once he knew he was being photographed.

He didn't.