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Mideast Media Sampler 07/24/2013

In the peace process nothing can be said to be certain, except Israeli confidence measures and blaming Israel for failure I agree with one aspect of Jeffrey Goldberg’s, Kerry’s Mideast Fool’s Errand Ignores Reality. The title. Much of the rest … Continue reading

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Mideast Media Sampler – 07/17/2013

1) The Union Strikes Back The European Union (EU) has just released new regulations governing certain dealings with Israel. Starting in 2014, the EU (as a unit, individual states are not governed by these guidelines) will prohibit any dealings with … Continue reading

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“Any support of Israel is hate speech”

The title quote of this post is from this video, at about 19:30. The rest of it is long, boring, and typical sophomoric “analysis” by college students of what is wrong with Zionists and Zionism, filled with words like “oppression” … Continue reading

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Obama, Sarkozy, and Bibi

My own take. It is problematic that the media chose to keep this secret or frankly that they were asked to do so. That said, let me offer what I think would be the pro-Obama angle on this conversation just for … Continue reading

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Signs of Wanting Peace

According to a recent New York Times article: The Palestinian decision to apply for full United Nations membership at the Security Council, announced Friday by President Mahmoud Abbas, was the most viable of the only options possible: surrender, return to violence or appeal … Continue reading

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What No One Seems to Be Mentioning

When President Obama spoke last week at the State Department, he said something, different things, that upset virtually every Middle Eastern nation or group. Pissing off the Mullahs does not bother me. Calling out Bahrain while not mentioning Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Who’s Going Under The Bus?

President Obama is going to lay out his new Middle East policy this week including a new attempt to force a start to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. We can discuss later a fact which we have discussed many times before, namely the … Continue reading

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Rick Jacob’s Speech to the Religious Action Center

Both the video and the text of Rabbi Rick Jacobs speech to the Religious Action Center’s Consultation on Conscience are available by permission on the We Are For Israel Blog. Rick is the designated successor to Rabbi Eric Yoffie as … Continue reading

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Non-Violence as a Military Tactic

In Mark Perry’s recent article in Foreign Policy, he wrote: In Cairo, in June of 2009, President Obama linked the Palestinian quest for freedom to the American civil rights movement. “Palestinians must abandon violence,” he said. “Resistance through violence and killing … Continue reading

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Your Wednesday briefs

Boycott this, morons: First Israelis invented texting. Now they’re going to use it to save Israeli lives. Jews rock. UPDATE: My mistake. Israel invented instant messaging, not texting. But Jews still rock. Apparently, freeing Gaza is not a high priority … Continue reading

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