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I've noticed in my site's logs that a lot of you are finding while looking for information on Googlewhacking. So I wondered: how many sites are out there, and what kind of Googlewhacking information do they hold? After a Google search (of course!), I found out. Below are the ones I think are most useful to those of you looking for more information on that eminent time-waster, the Googlewhack. (Mine was shinto defenestration.)

The place where it all began: Gary Stock's Unblinking

The main googlewhacking page:

News articles and other resources

Dane Carlson's Googlewhack rules. Dane has a lot of news article links. I've tried not to duplicate many of them.

ZDNet: Are you a secret Googlewhacker?'s article on Googlewhacking

Chicago Tribune (scroll down a bit for the Googlewhacking part)

Information Highways newsletter (scroll down)

CommunauTech (Je ne parle pas Francais, but you might)

Even a research library is in on it!