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This week’s podcast

Even though SNN is on hiatus, I think I’m going to do a short one on Sunday. Any suggestions or topics you’d like me to discuss? Oh, and which are the free podcast hosting services? I’ll put it there.

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Secret secrets of girls! Continue reading

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We are the AOL. You will be assimilated.

A guy goes through AOHell to cancel an account Continue reading

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The media and national security

The New York Times aids the enemy by exposing government secrets Continue reading

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England and the Jews

England’s chief rabbi on the readmission of the Jews to England Continue reading

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Letter to al-Zawahiri

After the latest al-Zawahiri video surfaced in the media, an unnamed intelligence agency intercepted a package addressed to the fugitive. Apparently, the package was sent by al-Zawahiri’s senior wife. A short letter was enclosed, we have obtained its translation. My … Continue reading

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Giving the lie to the prisoner’s document claims

The palestinian spokesliars speak truth in the Arab press Continue reading

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