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What No One Seems to Be Mentioning

When President Obama spoke last week at the State Department, he said something, different things, that upset virtually every Middle Eastern nation or group. Pissing off the Mullahs does not bother me. Calling out Bahrain while not mentioning Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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I think it is time to stop pretending that all of the documents purported to be leaked Palestinian Authority documents are what they claim to be, namely PA diplomatic memos. Some are, but many are not. Barry Rubin goes into … Continue reading

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The State of the Pursuit of a Palestinian State

Those interested in the peace process as it stands today should read my piece “Palestinian Leverage” followed by my article on the Wikileaks and the Arab perspective both written in November.  The combination of factors that I note in those articles … Continue reading

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Never – When the Palestinian Authority will Recognize the Jewish State

Today, I published an article for We Are For Israel in which I talked about today’s article from Haaretz in which the PA leaders repeated their statement that they will “Never” recognize Israel as a Jewish state. You might want to … Continue reading

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The news that Time forgot … part III

Avi Issacharoff, Barak Ravid and Natasha Mozgovaya in Ha’aretz (via the Daily Alert Blog) Israel and the Palestinians are at odds over which subjects will open their next round of peace talks. Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to begin with security … Continue reading

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Hamas says Abbas Cannot Represent the Palestinians

Isn’t it exciting that the Israelis and Palestinians are meeting in direct talks to tell each other the same thing that they have been saying for the months now indirectly? Direct talks certainly hold more possibilities for progress, but also … Continue reading

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Two State Solution Eroding?

Mahmoud Abbas yesterday said that a two state solution is eroding.  This is generally assumed to mean that the only option is a single state solution. The problem is that no single state solution has ever been or could be … Continue reading

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Abbas the obstacle

I was surprised by two opinion pieces over the weekend. One was by Thomas Friedman, After Cairo, it’ Clinton Time. I assumed that Friedman was going to write how Secretary of State Clinton now had to pressure Israel. In fact … Continue reading

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