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The Eleventh Commandment

In the fever swamps of the anti-Israel mind, there is an Eleventh Commandment. Thou shalt not support Israel. Thou shalt not support Israel, part one: An Orthodox Arab priest was fired for saying he thinks Arab Israelis should serve in … Continue reading

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Wednesday I’m now part-time briefs

Yep, it’s my first day as a part-timer at Co. in NorVA, so I have more time to do things like write. And blog. Culture matters: Mitt Romney doubles down on what he said in Israel that so pissed off … Continue reading

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The Jew factor

Apparently, it’s the fear of an Arab boycott of the opening ceremonies that is preventing the IOC from holding a moment of silence for the victims of the Munich Massacre. According to an interview given by Thomas Bach, the Vice … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

We’re still here: And we’re not going anywhere. On Israel’s Memorial Day, a message to her neighbors. “They are murderers – we are builders. Historically, the Jewish people has always outlasted its enemies. They have disappeared, and we’re here. I … Continue reading

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Tom Friedman and the Jewish lobby libel

Buried deep inside Tom Friedman’s latest column are these words: In Egypt, every day it becomes clearer that the Army has used the Tahrir uprising to get rid of its main long-term rival for succession — President Hosni Mubarak’s more … Continue reading

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Thursday, briefly

Yes, it’s Jew Cooties time again! The head of Egypt’s veterinary authority–someone who you would think might have a scientific bent, but then, you would be someone who has never read this blog, because when it comes to Israel and … Continue reading

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Wednesday morning extra-sarcastic briefs

Countdown to MSM covering this discrimination in 3, 2, 1: An Israeli soldier was denied entry to a Tel Aviv club because he was wearing a kippa and refused to take it off. So, you think there will be worldwide … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

The first post-Gilad grad rocket: No one was hurt. The question is, how is Bibi going to respond now that there are no Israeli hostages in Hamas’ hands? I’m sure this is a test to see what would happen. And … Continue reading

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Tuesday working briefs

Ew, Jew Cooties! Tel Aviv is sending a contingent to the Berlin Gay Pride festival, but they’re not going to identify Tel Aviv as part of Israel. They’re not the only Israeli city to do so. Eilat is being branded … Continue reading

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The awesome power of the Jooooooooos

I don’t know whether this belongs under Jew Cooties or Israel Derangement Syndrome, but it is the most awesomely awesome paranoid Jew thing out of Iran since the Star of David on the roof of whatever the hell that building … Continue reading

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Mediterranean conference cancelled on account of cooties

When I read something like this Mediterranean summit canceled again due to Arab threat to boycott over Israel (via Daily Alert Blog) An international summit of Mediterranean leaders has been canceled for the third time because Arab states threatened to … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

But it’s anti-Zionism! Jordan, the nation that signed a peace treaty with Israel, does not allow Jewish religious symbols. It used to mean no religious Jew could bring t’filin into the country. Now, you can’t even wear a yarmulke. In … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning Middle East briefs

Say, that Obama-Syria outreach really worked! The latest insult from Baby Assad: Bashar Assad told Al-Hayat newspaper in an interview published Tuesday that the U.S. “created chaos in every place it entered.” Smart power! So, how’s that idea about separating … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning sniefs

Ew, Jew cooties: The Turkish PM not only refuses to talk to Netanyahu, but he’s not going to attend a climate change conference if Bibi shows up. He says that Israel is close to losing Turkey as a friend. Hey. … Continue reading

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Friday morning news, briefly

Ew, Jew cooties: Greece had to reassure its Arab allies that just because it’s getting friendlier with Israel doesn’t mean that it’s deserting them. Of course not. Greece leftists are among the most anti-Israel in the world. Ew, India cooties: … Continue reading

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