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Friday briefs

Crap science: Pass it along! Found this via Yahoo! News. Gee, I wish I was paid as much to blog as the people who write crap like this. See if you can find the cause for their bad teeth. Can … Continue reading

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To lighten the mood

The Eurovision song contest never disappoints. Please click that link to get the Buzzfeed highlights. And enjoy this parody by the host country.

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Tuesday briefs

One can only hope: Hassan Nasrallah is reportedly being treated for cancer. A fast-acting one, it seems. The “nonviolent” intifada, now with Grad rockets! A rocket landed on the outskirts of Ashkelon. Good to know that Mahmoud Abbas is heeding … Continue reading

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I miss this music

I heard this on the Oscars last night and had to dig around until I found more than the few bars the orchestra played. I grew up on music like this as well as rock’n’roll. Adele is the closest we … Continue reading

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This is why I only lasted one episode and five minutes

I stopped watching Zero Hour (see title) because the creators seem to have missed the point of the J.J. Abrams crazy train: Yes, his shows are stupid and illogical, but they’re not usually broadly so, and they’re a ton of … Continue reading

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Paying attention, Rihanna?

A sad case about a woman who left one violent boyfriend only to be murdered by another. Pistorius and his family claim it was a horrible “accident”. He’s saying he thought she was an intruder. The police have found a … Continue reading

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Monday morning briefs

Think the AP will cover this? Egypt is pumping water into smuggling tunnels, without caring if there are people in them. Imagine the world outcry if Israel did this. Double standards? Yeah, we got that. Oh, and the AP thought … Continue reading

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Warm Bodies

Run, do not shuffle, to see Warm Bodies. It’s a zomromcom (zombie romantic comedy) that’s clever and funny and leaves you smiling at the end of the movie. It’s a great date movie, guys, and you know what day is … Continue reading

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Mixed bag briefs

Someone is hating on Les Miz: Shorter David Denby: I am too far above the average Murican to like this musical that the common person loves so much. Oh, and one of his excuses for hating it? The book is … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Israel Double Standard Time is in effect: Did you know the Syrians bombed a Palestinian refugee camp yesterday, killing children and women? Of course you didn’t, because Palestinian deaths don’t count unless they are killed by Israelis. The LA Times … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

I watch the last remaining soap opera on ABC, General Hospital. I’ve seen my favorite soaps get canceled (or get terrible–I used to be a big Days of Our Lives fan), one by one, network by network. I love the … Continue reading

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So what did you do with your weekend?

Well, let’s see. I worked on Friday. Went to services Friday night. Picked up Jake and went to services Saturday morning and then home for a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. Worked Saturday night, because my HR department is … Continue reading

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What the world needs now

Hal David, the man who partnered with Burt Bacharach to write so many top 40 hits, has died. This man wrote the songbook of my youth. There is not a song on this list that I cannot sing. At about … Continue reading

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The Jew factor

Apparently, it’s the fear of an Arab boycott of the opening ceremonies that is preventing the IOC from holding a moment of silence for the victims of the Munich Massacre. According to an interview given by Thomas Bach, the Vice … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises

Excellent movie. I think it was almost the best of the bunch. If you were thinking of seeing it, definitely do so. I didn’t find any political statements in the movie, just your typical Dark Knight good and evil themes. … Continue reading

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