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Everything old is Jews again

Last Sunday, a despicable Jew-hater decided, for some reason, to drive to a Jewish Community Center and murder Jews. After killing a teenage boy and his grandfather while they sat in their car–first blocking the car with his own so … Continue reading

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Changing the narrative

There was a shooting yesterday at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas. The murderer shot a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather in the parking lot. They weren’t even Jewish, which happens more often than you’d think in cases like this. … Continue reading

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KISS and anti-Semitism

Well, this is shocking. Two of the four members of the original KISS were anti-Semites, according to Paul Stanley, who, along with Gene Simmons, is Jewish. Stanley’s book sheds greater light on why he wouldn’t want a full-on reunion, recalling … Continue reading

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Take that, Mad Mahmoud

Holocaust deniers are perhaps the sleaziest of all anti-Semites. This won’t make them any less sleazy, but it is a nice big thumb in the eye for all the assholes who deny the millions of pieces of evidence that the … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

The 21st century No: The Arab League refuses to admit that Israel is a Jewish state, Israel was a Jewish state, and Israel will always be a Jewish state. Because admitting that Israel is a Jewish state means the end … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

It will make a perfect target: Hamas unveiled a statue of an M-75 rocket and declared its intent to target all of Israel. Please, please, please, drop a bomb on it. What a statement that would make. Play it down, … Continue reading

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Boom boom bye bye: The IAF apparently hit a missile base on the Lebanese-Syria border, which means the missiles were heading for Lebanon to be used against Israel. The Arab press is reporting lots of dead terrorists. Here’s hoping. The … Continue reading

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Help me take down a Facebook hate page

I’ve been reporting a Facebook page charmingly titled “Jewish Ritual Murder” for hate speech, and Facebook has so far completely denied that it violates their Community Standards. Here are their terms: Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between … Continue reading

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On Holocaust Remembrance Day

Screw the UN and their year of solidarity with Palestinians. Screw the EU and Catherine Ashton’s refusal to mention Jews in her Holocaust remembrance day statement. Let’s take another look at the IAF flyover of Auschwitz, and remember that “Never … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Israeli bombs in Syria: At least one country understands that Iran is trying to arm itself in Syria. The IDF reportedly bombed some S300 missile launchers inside Syria. No doubt the Obama Administration will leak the exact details soon enough. … Continue reading

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The dual loyalty canard strikes again

The Obama administration is accusing U.S. Jews of being puppets of the Israeli government. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, that’s right. Only in every dual loyalty charge, ever. A US official close to President Barack Obama and … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

The elephant in the peace talks room: Somehow, when John Kerry talks about peace, the topic of the terrorists controlling Gaza never seems to come up. It doesn’t seem to matter to Kerry and the EU that a significant portion … Continue reading

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Your must-read post of the day

Charles Krauthammer on the ASA boycott of Israel says what I’ve been blogging about for over a decade: And don’t tell me this is merely about Zionism. The ruse is transparent. Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. To apply … Continue reading

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Friday news briefs

An icon speaks: Abe Foxman has an in-depth interview in the Tablet magazine. Read it all. Here’s just a taste about why so many media outlets focus on Jews: Number two is, I would say, “Jews are news.” So, we … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

Of course they do: Hezbollah is blaming Israel for a terrorist bomb in the Bekaa Valley yesterday. But everyone knows the reason Hezbollah is being targeted is their thousands of fighters supporting the Assad regime in Syria. So go ahead, … Continue reading

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