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The dual loyalty canard strikes again

The Obama administration is accusing U.S. Jews of being puppets of the Israeli government. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, that’s right. Only in every dual loyalty charge, ever. A US official close to President Barack Obama and … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

The elephant in the peace talks room: Somehow, when John Kerry talks about peace, the topic of the terrorists controlling Gaza never seems to come up. It doesn’t seem to matter to Kerry and the EU that a significant portion … Continue reading

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Your must-read post of the day

Charles Krauthammer on the ASA boycott of Israel says what I’ve been blogging about for over a decade: And don’t tell me this is merely about Zionism. The ruse is transparent. Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. To apply … Continue reading

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Friday news briefs

An icon speaks: Abe Foxman has an in-depth interview in the Tablet magazine. Read it all. Here’s just a taste about why so many media outlets focus on Jews: Number two is, I would say, “Jews are news.” So, we … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

Of course they do: Hezbollah is blaming Israel for a terrorist bomb in the Bekaa Valley yesterday. But everyone knows the reason Hezbollah is being targeted is their thousands of fighters supporting the Assad regime in Syria. So go ahead, … Continue reading

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The hatred of Israel in academia

The American Studies Assocation, for reasons that I really cannot fathom, voted to boycott Israeli academics. The American Studies Association said endorsement of the boycott “emerges from the context of U.S. military and other support for Israel,” among a host … Continue reading

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Europe’s bigotry on the rise

The pebble is rolling down the hill, and it’s not affecting only Jews. The global rise in anti-Semitism is being accompanied by a global rise in fascism–just like last time. Hungary’s Jobbik party is anti-Jew and anti-immigrant–and it’s gaining adherents. … Continue reading

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Iranian anti-Semitism

John Kerry is trying to bull forward and create a deal with Iran so that his boss, Barack Obama, has something, anything, that he can brag about to the world as being a peacemaker. The Obama administration doesn’t seem able … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! The BDSholes [(c) Israelly Cool] are using Israeli software for their anti-Israel BDS websites. Also, they probably all use the IM technology that Israel designed, and their computers probably use the Intel chips that were designed in Israel. But … Continue reading

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This is why the Holocaust was different

One of the constant refrains of anti-Semites around the world is that the Holocaust was not unique, that others than the Jews were targeted for extinction or mass murder or genocide. And yet, the more you read about the ruthless, … Continue reading

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