Tuesday briefs

You know, it isn’t a biased story if it’s true: The AP is covering Israel’s Haredi problems with women. It’s shameful. Women have been beaten, spit on, forced to the back of buses, and insulted. And the men doing it aren’t Islamists. They’re Jews. The mayor of Jerusalem just fired a city councilwoman for bringing a lawsuit contesting gender segregation. Once again: Shame.

News flash: Obama and Sarkozy don’t like Bibi. Seriously? No! Really? I had no idea. Actually, Allahpundit has the bigger story: Which American reporters were there, and signed a confidentiality agreement to cover up the slams by Obama after they were made, not before? It’s more proof that our media are totally in the tank for Obama, but since I have a theme going here: Shame on them.

So, no penalties for the Palestinians–again: The tax transfers are back. The $200 million from the U.S. is unfrozen. Okay, the UNESCO payment freeze is still on, but the Palestinians pay nothing for doing an end run around peace negotiations. Way to go, world. Shame.

This is why there will be no bombing of Iran: Oil is nearing $100/barrel again. And apparently, even putting really strong sanctions on Iran’s central bank will force the price of oil higher. Dear wily Jew who is going to develop the alternate energy source that will end the Middle East’s stranglehold on oil: Faster, please.

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5 Responses to Tuesday briefs

  1. Cynic says:

    The same story on Legal Insurrection about O&S brought forth this comment
    Kerrvillian | November 7, 2011 at 9:18 pm
    The so-called journalists covered up for these two. If it had been Bush it would have been the bleeding headlines throughout the Western world.
    Double standards. If the media didn’t have them they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

    which I think you will appreciate because of the “Double Standards” you rail against.

  2. Cynic says:


    The councilwoman fired was according to the following:
    Barkat, who rose to power vowing to scale back the growing influence of an ultra-Orthodox population that accounts for one-third of the city’s 750,000 people, said he dismissed Rachel Azaria because she sued the city, not because she faced off against the ultra-Orthodox in court.

    To some degree, one must blame the political clout the ultra-orthodox have in the coalition govt.
    Now if Israelis could come together and vote one party into power which could dispense with the religious groups it would improve matters no end making economic amends for providing better housing, education etc., through the money now diverted to the blackmailing parties.

  3. Michael Lonie says:

    Not to mention releasing for army service all those Haredi Rabinnical students who are presently deferred. They would provide a couple of brigades, I’ll bet.

  4. Alex Bensky says:

    I hold no brief for the haredi, none whatsoever, but you know how this is going to be played in the media: Haredim act like complete jerks, Hamas shoots rockets at Israelis, both sides have their fundamentalists.

  5. Cynic says:

    The Haredim are not as violent as Hamas but they are not shy of throwing rocks at traffic lights on the Sabbath, nor setting fire to dumpsters. I wondered who the Shabbas Goy was.
    Unfortunately they are well versed in “Entitlements” and behave in the same spoiled brat manner when denied a cookie.
    They get study allowances, housing allowances and other perks which the regular citizens have to work for. This thanks to the political blackmail.
    There are many religious who do serve and produce but unfortunately are lumped together with the extremist crowd by the unthinking media and certainly make for better citizens than the leftwing idiots so ready to trash the state in their effort to make good with their Western counterparts.

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