The ten years and nothing’s really changed news briefs

Of course it’s Israel’s fault, it always is: Three UN workers were hurt in a blast in Gaza, and of course, Hamas blames Israel. It might be a kassam that fell short. Oh, and the three UN workers? Most likely Gazans, quite possible also Hamas members. UNRWA stated quite clearly ages ago that they won’t do background checks to make sure they’re not paying terrorists.

Palestinians to Obama: Our way or the highway, dude. Just watch the reaction if Obama actually does present his own peace plan, which is rumored to force Israel back to the 1949 Armistice lines, share Jerusalem, while making the Palestinians dump the “right of return” for second-, third-, and fourth-generation “refugees.” The Palestinian reaction? The “right of return” is non-negotiable. I eagerly await the condemnation of the PA by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and members of the Obama administration for being an obstacle to peace. (Of course that was sarcasm. Haven’t you been reading me long enough to know?)

Syrians murdering protesters; readers awaiting UNHRC call of war crimes: Forty protesters were shot in Syria today. Navi Pillay has called Libya’s use of cluster bombs a war crime; where’s the condemnation of Syria? This is the most I can find. It’s not the UN Human Rights Council. I know, I know, you’re as shocked as I am. (Did you know the UN has a Special Rapporteur on arbitrary executions? Also a Special Rapporteur on the right to health. I kid you not.) Actually, I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing how this is Israel’s fault, too, for not giving back the Golan or something. Also for not making peace with the Palestinians.

I read the interview, so you don’t have to: Mel Gibson is trying to redeem himself by not saying anything that makes you think he’s worth redemption. His latest interview is all about the new movie in which he dons a beaver puppet to express himself, and how life was so unfair to him lately. And here’s the sum total of his response to a question regarding his drunken, anti-Semitic tirade:

WEINER: Even when the drunk driving/anti-semitic incident happened and was splashed everywhere, you continued to work. Do you just compartmentalize things so you can keep working when you’re at the center of something like this?
GIBSON: You have to. There are a lot of people depending on you. There are deadlines to meet and fiscal responsibilities. There are the basics of supporting yourself and those who depend on you and those commitments that you have to co-workers.

It seems that there are plenty of Jews in Hollywood still willing to work with this jerk.

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  1. the new movie in which he dons a beaver puppet to express himself,

    i’ll prolly end up seeing this, actually (via Ill_gal D_wnload – i mean, i do have a conscience !)

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