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Other bloggers

Dave is still reporting, or at least he was until a while ago. He’s due to get up soon; it’s seven hours later in Israel. Also, go here to check out a list of bloggers covering the war. It’s bedtime … Continue reading

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Back home, and damned tired

Job interviews are exhausting Continue reading

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Sinioara is Killing His Own People

Lebanese Prime Minister presumably wants Hezbollah disarmed. He would presumably prefer that it not happen through IAF bombing raids on Beirut neighborhoods. But he has chosen to at least de facto rally behind Hezbollah. Has he offered to arrest those … Continue reading

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Analysis I Can Sink my Teeth Into

Jim Geraghty explains the difference between American and Israeli foreign policy in terms I can get behind: The thing is, Israel has never pledged to be a “good guy” in the traditional American definition – never strike first, be fair, … Continue reading

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More war briefs

War news briefs Continue reading

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The Situation

I received this e-mail from my brother-in-law Menachem, who along with my sister and their four children made Aliyah two years ago. He’s been sending periodic updates to family and friends, filled with anecdotes about making Aliyah, observations of Israeli … Continue reading

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Jew-hatred in San Francisco

Jew-hatred in San Francisco Continue reading

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The Bush response: It all makes sense now

The real reasons behind the world’s silence on Israel v. Hezbullah: It’s Iran. Continue reading

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