The Fourth Annual Intl. Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA Day: March 15th

Mmmmm.... Meat.It’s coming on the time of year for the fourth annual International Eat an Animal for PETA Day, which Lair Simon has renamed Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA Day, which could become EATAPETA Day, but that’s really too cute for words, so of course, it’s going to catch on. But it’s International EATAPETA Day, because the blogosphere is international, and our reach extends from Australia to Zanzibar, all points between, and any points left out. You can register your activities on his site. It’s in beta right now, but go ahead.

From the original IEAFPD post:

PETA has started yet another offensive ad campaign. This one really reaches bottom—they are using Holocaust terminology, quotes, and pictures to liken the “slaughter” of animals to the slaughter of the Jews by the Nazis.

I’ve already received a letter from a child of Holocaust survivors who is, of course, extraordinarily offended. But here’s the thing: PETA is known for this kind of outrageous publicity stunt—and that’s what it is, an outrageous publicity stunt—and while I am also offended and outraged, there is absolutely nothing we can do that will make PETA change their ad campaign. I’m sure they knew exactly what they were doing, have a plan in mind, and, if they withdraw the campaign, will do it according to their deadlines and their decisions.

So let’s make up our own outrageous publicity stunt. Let’s designate Saturday, March 15th, as International Eat an Animal for PETA Day. Everybody set the date on your calendar, and either go out and enjoy a great steak, or cook one at home. Or cook up some chicken or fish or anything else that PETA wouldn’t want you to eat.

From this week’s Shire Network News podcast:

The Holocaust is regularly invoked in improper and offensive ways. The one that hit my outrage button the hardest three years ago was an ad campaign titled “The Holocaust on Your Plate.” It was created by the radical animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals, or PETA.

The PETA ad campaign compared the slaughter of chickens for food to the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis. They traveled the country with a series of billboards that used Holocaust imagery next to images of animals. They lied to the American Holocaust Museum to obtain permission to use these pictures in their ad campaign.

It’s a well-known fact that PETA has always chosen sensationalism in their ad campaigns. They’re usually stupid and offensive, but this campaign caused enough pain that a child of Holocaust survivors wrote me a letter asking if there weren’t something we could do about it. That’s why I created the first International Eat an Animal for PETA Day (IEAPD).

The fourth annual celebration is coming up again on March 15th. On that day, I ask everyone who thinks PETA is offensive and over-the-top to eat meat or animal products like cheese in at least one meal. It’s the exact opposite of what PETA wants, and is our little protest to their offensive ad campaigns. Our theme (besides eating lots of meat that day) is “don’t get mad, get even.” IEAPD is gaining strength and notoriety every year.

Don’t get me wrong. I am utterly against animal cruelty. But I am also utterly against cruelty to humans, and especially against the misuse of Holocaust imagery to get a point across.

During the first IEATAPETA, a few friends and I actually gathered outside PETA headquarters in Norfolk with protest signs. It was a Saturday. Nobody was there. But we were.

For my second IETAPETA, Sarah and her children joined me for lunch at Brock’s. Her daughter Rebecca refers to all beef as “Yummy cow.”

There are plenty of posts from the past. Just Google IEAPD and this site.

Last year, I was on the Mac Watson show here at WRVA 1140. I’m hoping to reprise that, and maybe some others.

I would like to be perfectly clear. Animals like this are not on the menu. In fact, this particular animal (and her brother) will be treated to tunafish on March 15th. It’s a good thing to include your pets in International EATAPETA Day. PETA doesn’t like us having pets, either.

Gracie at the door

This year I’m actively seeking some kind of image we can use as a banner. I’ve had some submitted in previous years, but surely we can think of new images and slogans.

So, save the date, folks. And for you vegetarians out there, if you’re not strict vegetarians, there’s always cheese and eggs.

Why am I still doing this? Well, PETA is still offensive. When they stop, I’ll stop.

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42 Responses to The Fourth Annual Intl. Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA Day: March 15th

  1. Hrm. Where did Tasty come from?

    Must be that darned Halls commercial.

  2. Eric J says:

    You might want to put the date for this year a little higher in the article. It only appears in the Shire Network News transcript.

  3. Cappy says:

    Yep, the analogy is disgusting. And the meat is still delicious! :>

  4. Joseph T Major says:

    Pam Anderson has said she will never enter Kentucky because she agrees with PETA that racing is cruel to horses.

    I knew there had to be some good in it after all.

  5. moish says:

    Hey, you are so right these PETA people are sick! Check out this video it shows the real face of PETA. Which in the shortest of words BS!

  6. cond0010 says:

    I’m sure you all have heard of the other organization called ‘PETA’. But just in case you haven’t I’ll expand its acronym:


    I’m an unofficial member who religiously practices it everyday. So… March 15th is everyday for me!

  7. Please do not stop. Let PETA eat their own liver.

    Still, my personal red line is eating ‘roo’s meat (Aussies) and puppies (Koreans). Not that I particularly enamored with K-9’s.

    Everything else (of course, felines excluded) goes. Including PETA members, which may need prolonged marinating.

  8. Alex Bensky says:

    Remember my motto, Meryl: “March 15–Eat It Only If It Had a Mother.”

    It’s the one day of the year I make a point of having a hamburger at McDonald’s, and I always have veal or lamb for dinner.

  9. Yankev says:

    Let’s not forget that PETA also sent a letter of protest to Yassir Arafat yemach shmo when his murderers used a donkey to transport a bomb that killed Israelis. PETA had no quarrel with blowing up Jewish civilians hy”d, but protested to Arafat that it was unfair to blow up innocent jackasses. When questioned about the morality of blowing up civilians, PETA’s spokesman said it was none of PETA’s concern. It’s no surprise, I guess, that PETA is more concerned over jackasses than human beings, when you consider who their membership is.

    Also, let’s not forget that beef is vegetarian meat. Cows, after all, subsist on vegetables alone, and process their food into flesh, bone etc. (Anaxagoras to the contrary notwithstanding.) In that sense, eating beef can be seen as eating processed vegetables. (This does not permit eating beef with dairy, however, nor on pareve or dairy utensils.)

  10. There are pareve utensils? What are they? Unused utensils?

  11. Jeannie says:

    Well being the vegitarian that I am…I guess I will have a cheese sandwich.

  12. Yankev-

    Not only did Newkirk beg Arafat to stop huring Arab donkeys, but she hasn’t bothered protesting the Jewish cat killed in a recent Qassam attack.

    I think that minor detail speaks volumes about Ms. Newkirk’s true feelings.

  13. Rahel says:

    Pareve utensils are ones that have been used only on pareve items (no meat or dairy).

    For example, some people have “pareve knives” that they use to cut vegetables, particularly sharp ones like onions or garlic (or fruits like lemon) that can transmit “meat” or “dairy” to the items in which they are used. That way, they can eat their salad with either a meat or dairy meal without having to worry about whether they cut their onions, garlic, lemons or jalapeno peppers with a milk or meat knife.

    Anyway, I celebrated IETAPETA early today. Since I’m out sick with a bad cold, I followed your wise example and made chicken soup.

    Take that, PETA.

  14. Yankev says:


    What Rahel said in #13 about pareve utensils. At my house, that includes the large chef knife and a smaller utility knife, both of which are used only with vegetables, as well as a couple of baking pans and (I think) a frying pan or two, and a stovetop grill that we use only with fish and veggies.

    Warning: mark all pareve utensils clearly — the biggest danger to pareve utensils is generally acknowledged to be husbands like me.

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  16. Dekker says:

    I haven’t stopped using the bar-b-que all winter.. I see no reason to stop now. I’ll be serving up some steak March 15th as well.

    Oh, and my dog will chew on some bones afterwards as well ;)

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  18. PETA news at BlogAds

    I’m in for another year. It’s my eldest daughter’s birthday and she’ll participate from Jerusalem.

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  21. molly dingle says:

    I’ll have either yummy barbecue or a nice juicy steak. furthermore I will journey to the Peoples’ Republic of Cambridge,Massachusetts to do so.

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  23. Marty says:

    I have a new slogan for you…Don’t get mad…get Eatin’

  24. Brilliance, Marty. New slogan it is!

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  32. What (Who) to Eat for EATAPETA

    Gee, I’m inspired. I ought to get out my trusty hatchet and go out to the henhouse and do in one of the roosters for the occasion. Unfortunately all the roosters I’m really mad at have already been done in and eaten— if not by me, by the dog and the barn cats.

    If PETA members really think meat is murder, they need to come out here and have a long talk with my cats, dog and the neighborhood bald eagles, wolves and coyotes.

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