March 15th is coming up fast, folks. International Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA Day, a.k.a. IEATAPETA Day, March 15th. Lair Simon has a site where you can post your restaurant get-togethers.

I’m going to check my teaching schedule to confirm, but I’m pretty sure I will be at the Royal Dragon kosher Chinese restaurant in Rockville, MD for a late lunch/early dinner on Sunday, March 12th. My class ends at noon, so I don’t foresee the gathering starting before 3 or 4 (probably four, I’ll pick up more kosher meat while I’m there).

If you live in the northern VA/DC/Baltimore area, you are close enough to attend. I tried the restaurant last Sunday. It’s superb. And the host looks like my Uncle Mendy, which I suppose is to be expected.

Hey, David. You’re in the area, aren’ t you?

I’d ask Snoopy to come along, but he’s not local. (But he is slightly depressed over not getting many links lately, so go over there and cheer him up. You can cheer yourself up as well, because Simply Jews is as funny as always.)

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5 Responses to IEATAPETA DAY

  1. Sarah G. says:

    So Meryl, shall we have twinsday on that Wednesday?

  2. Oh, Meryl, you shouldn’t have! (lie)

    Thanks a lot for your kindness! (true)

  3. Actually I live in Baltimore; a good hour away. Pillage Idiot lives nearby.
    Is your Uncle Mendy Iranian?

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