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Arafat phone transcripts revealed!

This was first posted on March 30, 2002, during the seige of Arafat’s headquarters in Ramallah. Eat your heart out, Drudge. Glenn, ya snooze, ya lose. Yourish.com has obtained the actual transcripts of Yasser Arafat’s phone calls to world leaders … Continue reading

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Absolving Arafat; ten years later

In her thoroughly dishonest valedictory as New York Times correspondent from Israel, And yet so far, Deborah Sontag wrote: In the tumble of the all-consuming violence, much has not been revealed or examined. Rather, a potent, simplistic narrative has taken … Continue reading

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The marketing genius of Yasser Arafat

In the West an attitude towards Palestinian terrorism developed along the lines of “we don’t condone the violence but you have to understand the Palestinian grievance.” Of course that attitude implicitly excuses the violence it claims not to condone. But … Continue reading

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9 years later, still covering for Arafat

Commenter Sassinfras claims that Yasser Arafat begged Ehud Barak when they met at Barak’s apartment, not to allow Ariel Sharon to visit the Temple Mount in late September 2000. This is a dubious claim. Deborah Sontag initially reported on the … Continue reading

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The new Abbas is the same as the old boss

The guy being promoted as the great “moderate” hope of the Palestinians remembers his maximum leader quite fondly. During the memorial, held at Abbas’ Mukataa compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah, the Palestinian president said, “The path of … Continue reading

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