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Tuesday “shaky truce” briefs

Sunny with a chance of missiles: Schools have been cancelled in southern Israel due to rocket attacks, and even the AP has noticed. Damned if you do… Egypt has gotten Israel to postpone for 24 hours a stronger response to … Continue reading

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Thursday news roundup

Goldstone commision to Israel: Oh, please. The fix was in, deal with it. Three of Dickie Goldstone’s compatriots took out an unpaid ad in the Guardian to effectively say, “Neener neener neener, we’re not wro-ong! Am not am not am … Continue reading

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Wednesday news roundup

Richard Goldstone is giving me whiplash: Now Goldstone is recanting the recantation of his op-ed? Not exactly, but he is saying that he won’t work to have the report nullified, which contradicts what he told Israeli ministers only a day … Continue reading

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Windy Tuesday briefs

Last night I’m pretty sure I saw a witch riding on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch. UNHRC to Goldstone: Nyah nyah nyah, it is too true! The execrable United Nations Human Rights Council says that Goldstone’s op-ed, where he … Continue reading

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The titleless Monday briefs (now with title!)

The objective media shows its Israel bias: Say, remember my former coblogger, Soccerdad? You know what he was wondering this weekend? Why Goldstone’s op-ed was published in the Washington Post, when his three previous pieces were in the New York … Continue reading

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Richard Goldstone’s not-mea culpa in the WaPo

Shorter Richard Goldstone: Oops, maybe Israel didn’t commit war crimes after all, but it’s their fault my report sucked because they wouldn’t cooperate with me. Oh, and you know, those Hamas guys may be war criminals. By the way, this … Continue reading

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Wednesday morning breifs—no, briefs

But I thought it was “traditionally Arab east Jerusalem”: The AP officially admits that Jerusalem did not belong to the Palestinians throughout history. In an article about a century-old grenade found in Jerusalem’s Old City, the AP writes: Jerusalem’s Old … Continue reading

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Goldstone’s last gasp?

While the UN General Assembly voted to renew its demand that Israel and Hamas investigate themselves as demanded by the Goldstone report, a New York Times report observed: … other ambassadors suggested that repeated resolutions with little effect was more … Continue reading

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Goldstone facts: when the messenger is the message

When I have first looked at the site that carries on its masthead a proud statement “Goldstone facts”, after browsing its main page and several links I became uncomfortable. I was unable to dispose of a feeling that someone went … Continue reading

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Goldstone co-author: Conviction first, then trial

If you still have any doubt about the anti-Israel bias of the Goldstone report, this might be the convincing evidence you need to completely disregard the Goldstone report. A co-author of the Goldstone Gaza report, which accuses both Hamas and … Continue reading

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Goldstone is the result of 40 years of the perversion of international law

Not only has Israel prepared a defense of its conduct during Cast Lead in response to the Goldstone Report, so, too, has Hamas. Jonathan Dahohah Halevi writes: Hamas’ line of defence vis-à-vis the Goldstone report has been shaped by a … Continue reading

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Snarkly, briefly, Israeli

Leftist Jewish group nobody ever heard of to Israel: Stop demanding that the Goldstone Report include actual, unbiased facts! Oh, this one’s rich. Hundreds of Jews have signed a letter telling Israel and the worldwide Jewish community to stop “vilifying” … Continue reading

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French hypocrisy on war crimes

The U.K. and France are the latest countries to jump on the bandwagon to force Israel to investigate the accusations in the Goldstone report. Let us review the French reaction to her citizens being attacked in the Ivory Coast a … Continue reading

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Richard Goldstone: Liar, liar, pants on fire

Richard Goldstone is bringing his lies to the pages of the Jerusalem Post. The man has no shame. Five weeks after the release of the Report of the Fact Finding Mission on Gaza, there has been no attempt by any … Continue reading

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