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Friday briefs

A perfect example of Israel Derangement Syndrome: How much do people hate Israel? So much so that a simple tagged bird was carefully examined to make sure it wasn’t an Israeli spy. Yes, really. Paranoid, much? But it’s just a … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

I think the fat lady is starting to sing: The Egyptian army is meeting with leaders of the opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood. I do believe there’s going to be more blood in Egypt’s streets soon. The big question is: … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Trust us, we’re here to help you: Once again, international peacekeepers have fled from the violence on the borders of Israel, this time in the Golan. Every single peace plan that mentions Jerusalem as an international city insists that Israel … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning briefs

So how long before he starts blaming “Zionists”? Erdogan is blaming “terrorists” for the uprising in Turkey. He’s actually right this time: His is the party that backs terrorism, and his party and autocratic ways are what is being protested. … Continue reading

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Social media: The new equalizer

Turkey’s prime minister Erdogan is now blaming social media for the protests. Well, he’s blaming his opposition part, too (naturally), but here’s how frightened he is of the proles’ method of communication: With Turkish media otherwise giving scant reports about … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning briefs

Rocket attacker, attacked by rocket: The IDF took out the rocketeer behind the last few attacks on Israel. Best news? He was a rocket builder as well as a rocketeer. Hamas’ Health Ministry identified the terrorist as Haytham Almishal, 24, … Continue reading

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Mideast Media Sampler – 04/25/2013

1) Shia is Shia and Sunni is Sunni and never the twain shall meet A couple of Al Qaeda terrorists were arrested in Canada. So of course, expect the LA Times to start its account with this: Police in Canada … Continue reading

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More on the “apology” to Turkey

Lee Smith says that it wasn’t President Obama who got what he wanted. It was Bibi. According to Obama’s senior advisers quoted in the New York Times, the president “prodded” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to apologize to Turkish Prime … Continue reading

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The Israeli “apology” to Turkey

A lot of people seem to think the Israeli “apology” was a win for Israel. Barry Rubin: Now, a compromise has been reached, apparently with some help from President Barack Obama. The agreement, which includes restoring normal bilateral relations, has … Continue reading

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Will the last Jew leaving Europe/South America/Turkey please turn out the lights?

The exodus is gathering strength. Jews are leaving countries where they are being persecuted–again. Ohana says that French Jews actually leave for a variety of reasons that include, but are not limited to, intolerance. “There are other motivations…to pursue better … Continue reading

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