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Monday briefs

They don’t even try to hide it: Why should they? The world never penalizes nations and terrorist groups that target Jews. But good old Chipmunk Cheeks Nasrallah, from his secure, undisclosed location (where he lives in constant fear of assassination … Continue reading

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Kerry’s pressure tactics?

Boy, did I call that wrong. John Kerry is colluding with the Palestinians to put pressure on Israel, not learning that the Palestinians don’t want peace. I forgot that you can’t teach a man something he refuses to hear. But … Continue reading

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John Kerry’s teachable year

John Kerry has gotten his very own teachable moment. Of course, that moment has been an utter waste of, well, all the time he’s been Secretary of State. The U.S. is stepping back from trying to get the Palestinians to … Continue reading

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Yet another unfair deal for Israel

I don’t understand why Israel continues to make such one-sides deals. I’ve never been able to understand it. Now, in order to keep the peace talks going, Israel is going to release hundreds of convicted terrorists, freeze settlement construction again, … Continue reading

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No Jewish state for you!

The Arab League has categorically denied that Jews belong in the Middle East, history notwithstanding. (And someone at the AP is going to get fired over the truth in this headline.) Arab League rejects Israel as Jewish homeland Arab leaders … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

The undeclared war: The Iranians are now using Hizbullah to murder IDF soldiers from two borders–Lebanon and Syria. Another IED went off as an IDF patrol passed by on the Israeli side of the Syrian border. This is SOP for … Continue reading

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The Obama takedowns

There are just so many rebuttals to Obama, I can’t decide which ones I like best. Let’s start with Commentary. John Podheretz, Jonathan Tobin, and the lie he told about “aggressive” settlement construction. Elliott Abrams knocks it out of the … Continue reading

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Obama doubles down pressure on Israel

Rashid Khalidi must be happier than a pig in shit today. I’m sure you’ve read the excerpts from Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Obama. Read the whole thing instead. It includes Obama misusing Hillel’s most widely-quoted words and passing along two … Continue reading

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A look inside the muddled mind of Hamas

Mahmoud Abbas made a unilateral decision to remove religion from Palestinian ID cards, and Hamas and fundamentalist Muslims are up in arms over it. The story: According to Alawi, since religion is mentioned on a citizen’s birth certificate — as … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

Yes, because placating Iran is the way to go: The IAEA refused to publish a report that would have revealed Iranian deception in the nuclear negotiations by proving that Iran is working towards a nuclear bomb. Because negotiations! Because Iran … Continue reading

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