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A look inside the muddled mind of Hamas

Mahmoud Abbas made a unilateral decision to remove religion from Palestinian ID cards, and Hamas and fundamentalist Muslims are up in arms over it. The story: According to Alawi, since religion is mentioned on a citizen’s birth certificate — as … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

Yes, because placating Iran is the way to go: The IAEA refused to publish a report that would have revealed Iranian deception in the nuclear negotiations by proving that Iran is working towards a nuclear bomb. Because negotiations! Because Iran … Continue reading

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The Israeli Double Standard

How many times have Obama “administration officials” lectured, scolded, and otherwise harassed Israel every time an official spoke the truth (like saying John Kerry was “obsessed” with the peace talks and they were going terribly)? Well, here’s what Kerry said … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

Liar liar pants on fire: Yeah, if you believe this, please forward me your bid for the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s been in my family for decades. Even as a top Hamas official warned Monday against Palestinian acceptance of an American … Continue reading

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Sunday un-Super briefs

What a boring game. I tuned in a bit. My cousins the Seahawk fans are happy, but what a yawner. Just like John Kerry’s peace plan. Except now he’s threatening Israel, then saying he’s not, then threatening Israel for saying … Continue reading

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Wednesday, briefly

Obama’s not gonna like this: Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel isn’t bound by the American ideas for a peace plan. Of course that’s true–there is no signed agreement–but watch for the administration to do something vicious as a result of … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Israeli bombs in Syria: At least one country understands that Iran is trying to arm itself in Syria. The IDF reportedly bombed some S300 missile launchers inside Syria. No doubt the Obama Administration will leak the exact details soon enough. … Continue reading

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An offer they will refuse

Imagine John Kerry as Jan and Israel as Marcia Brady. Then my “Israel, Israel, Israel!” post title makes a little more sense. And I explain this to you because John Kerry will soon be stamping his foot and heading off … Continue reading

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Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon, a giant of modern Israel died this morning, after lying in a coma for eight years. Ynet has a pictorial article. Look at the photo of him carrying a sheep on his farm, and you’ll see where he … Continue reading

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Late night briefs

Of course they won’t: The State Department acknowledges that Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority is teaching Palestinians to hate Jews, but they won’t admonish them in public. Because that won’t fit the narrative of the poor, helpless victims. And besides, the … Continue reading

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