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Monday, briefly

Everything new is old again: Here’s another fine analysis of what’s happening in Russia. Keep Simply Jews on your daily reading list and you won’t miss translations like this. No, I don’t need a million articles about it: Yes, tragically, … Continue reading

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Your job search laugh of the day

Clicked the link on a job listing an agency sent me, and this was in the sidebar. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s so funny. Three job offers. In this economy. Now pull the other leg. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Iran, insulted

Day-amn, America rocks! Just look at what we can do to Iran with one movie. “We Iranians look stupid, backward and simple-minded in this movie,” Mr. Tondro said. “Hollywood is not a normal industry; it’s a conspiracy by capitalism and … Continue reading

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Why we’re not going to intervene in Syria

Jim Geraghty of the National Review writes an email column, the Morning Jolt, that I’ve been getting for years. Today, he wrote the best takedown ever of why the U.S. isn’t going into Syria. I do believe we’re going to … Continue reading

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The human bullet

You know, I think I’m just about the only person who really doesn’t give a damn that some idiot went up nearly to outer space and then jumped to see if he could break the sound barrier with his body. … Continue reading

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Stupid headline of the day

New feature! Because this is one of the stupider headlines I’ve seen in ages, I’m going to feature the Stupid Headline of the Day from time to time, and odds are, it’s going to involve the Republican candidates for president … Continue reading

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World Humiliation Day?

I saw this headline on my Google News feed: Beyoncé sings ‘I Was Here’ at United Nations, filmed for World Humanitarian Day And this one: Beyonce Films World Humanitarian Day Video At United Nations And I thought that the headlines … Continue reading

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Instapundit is teh awesome

Glenn Reynolds: 600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle. They’ve since been returned to their original owner, Helen Thomas. I hereby designate Glenn a Master of Juvenile Scorn™

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Occupy Wall Street made me do it.

In honor of Occupy Wall Street, I’m buying a Kindle today. I will go to Staples on my lunch hour and pick one, then buy it on Amazon. (I have gift cards. I can wait two days to get it.) … Continue reading

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Awesomely awesome email spam of the month

For your viewing pleasure, typos included. I particularly like “Assistant director in charge James w. Mcjunkin”. Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 22:50:44 +0530 From: “F.B.I WASHINGTON DC” Subject: F.B.I -WE NEED A RESPONSE URGENTLY ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONETORY CRIMES DIVISION FBI … Continue reading

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Thursday news briefs

Because name-calling is such a great way to make your point: This column in Ha’aretz is titled “Every Jewish mother’s nightmare.” What, that their son/daughter intermarry and don’t raise the children in the faith? That they should, God forbid, die … Continue reading

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Say, Karl Vick, does moderation include calling for war?

Say, Karl Vick, are you SURE Hamas is moderating? I’m thinking that Karl Vick (rhymes with “dick”) ((cf. Time Magazine’s infamous “Menachem Begin*” (rhymes with “Fagin”) issue)) is, well, wrong about Hamas becoming more moderate due to its dealings with … Continue reading

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The Reason Occupy Wall Street anthem

It is full of teh awesome.

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The presidents wants YOU to snitch on your neighbor

Really? Attack Watch? Really? The president of the United States of America is so effing insecure that he has a website dedicated to trying to “fight the smears” about him? Really? Because it’s not like the media ever posted a … Continue reading

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The obligatory end of the world post

As I am quite sure I won’t be going anywhere during the Rapture, what with my being Jewish and all that, here’s a post where those of us who will not be going anywhere can discuss the mayhem and chaos … Continue reading

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