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Monday briefs

Yeah, eff you all for this: Russia refuses to give Chabad the library that used to belong to Rabbi Schneerson. America is actually sending Jewish artifacts back to Iraq–where there are no more Jews–instead of to Israel, where most of … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

I’m not apologizing because these boobs aren’t my fault: Okay, I know it’s a joke, but I don’t feel the least bit sorry about Anthony Weiner and Michael Bloomberg. They’re assholes, and they got there on their own. Of course, … Continue reading

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Friday Syria briefs

But Karl Vick said they want to help stop the chemical weapons attacks! Ahahahaha, Karl Vick (rhymes with dick) was shown to be a moron in less than 48 hours. Two says after Vick wrote a ridiculous piece asserting that … Continue reading

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The I’m finally done with all that other stuff briefs

It has been a hellish week for me. TGIF rarely means so much to me as it does today. Taming the terrorists: Egypt and Israel are working together to rid the Sinai of its current terrorist infestation. Israel shut down … Continue reading

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Cypriots and hypocrites

Have the EU or the U.S. ever held the Palestinians to any kind of standard at all? Have they stopped, or threatened to stop funding if the Palestinians don’t cease inciting hatred of Israel and Jews? Did the Palestinians ever … Continue reading

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The academic double standard

You’ll never see nationwide campus protests over this: Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng claims he is being booted from his apartment and his fellowship at New York University this month because of NYU’s kowtowing to the Chinese government. The school protests … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

The culture of terrorism: Mahmoud Abbas said that kidnapping isn’t part of Palestinian culture. Yes it is, said Hamas. Pass the popcorn: It’s terrorist on terrorist. Hezbullah has ordered Hamas out of Lebanon. Why? Because Hamas is backing the rebels … Continue reading

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But let’s concentrate on Israel’s attack on Syria

Sunni Muslims are fleeing Alawite death squads in Syria, which are targeting entire cities. Sunni Muslims sought safety after a second village in two days was destroyed by death squads apparently bent on ethnic cleansing. Relatives of the dead in … Continue reading

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The Palestinians: Say it with explosions

Hamas isn’t sending flowers. It’s sending missiles. And the AP manages to turn news of a rocket attack on Israel’s southern civilian population into a by-the-way. Note how the AP also manages to blame Israel for the rocket attack–because they … Continue reading

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One of these things is not like the other

The UN Human Rights High Commissioner said that 2012 was a “daunting” year for human rights challenges. “The ongoing crises in Syria, Mali and the Sahel region, Palestine and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have resulted in thousands of … Continue reading

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