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I’m back. Did you miss me?

I got tired of blogging earlier this year. I pretty much quit. Thought that was the end of it, I’d stop posting my thoughts about Israel and Jewish issues and politics and cats. Okay, never cats. Figured I’d just start … Continue reading

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Moving right along

Yeah, I’m definitely starting to move my posts over to the writing blog. That’s where the new copy is today. I think over the weekend I’ll be adjusting this blog so that the front page directs you there. I’ll leave … Continue reading

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The shift is starting

I’m posting over on my writing blog now. I will not be putting political posts there, unless they concern writing. But I will be shifting the personal stories over there. If you’re interested, here’s the link directly to the blog. … Continue reading

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This post first appeared on April 29th, 2002 in response to an email from an Israel-hater who insisted he didn’t have any problems with Israel and Jews. The lyrics are from Tool’s “Sober”. It was written around the end of … Continue reading

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Tired of having Google snag your searches and give them to the government? Well, I’ve just gotten rid of them and added DuckDuckGo’s search engine to my Firefox toolbar. They use https, they don’t save your data, and they don’t … Continue reading

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Just for kicks and giggles

Do a Google search for “cat belly”. Look at the first image you see. Now click on the “images” tab and look at the first image. Click on that image. The power of Google ranking. And cat bellies.

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Well, that was fun

Just spent the last half hour chatting with Ed Morrissey on his radio show. Fun, interesting, and now I want to do it every day!

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I’m on the Ed Morrissey show today

Three p.m., over at HotAir. I’ll be talking politics, blogging, and my book.

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Who, exactly, is the cyborg?

I finally put Instapundit in my RSS feed. In the last five days–from 16 October to 21 October–there have been 443 posts. Glenn has been using six co-bloggers. Six. Out of the 443 posts, Glenn has written 258. That’s 58%. … Continue reading

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The decision about the blog is made

I’ll be shuttering any day now and moving over to my new digs. You may find that someone might be imitating my style over at Elder of Ziyon‘s blog. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They say imitation … Continue reading

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Instapundit is teh awesome

Glenn Reynolds: 600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle. They’ve since been returned to their original owner, Helen Thomas. I hereby designate Glenn a Master of Juvenile Scorn™

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I’ll be damned. This blog is 11 years old today.

Eleven years ago, I wrote my first blog post and put it out there on the internet to finally get a little use out of the domain that I had bought several years prior. This blog went from personal … Continue reading

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Happy Blogger Appreciation Day!

Today is Blogger Apprecation Day, a brand-new holiday that occurs only on leap years. I don’t want much. I’d like my nephew to get his Kickstarter campaign fulfilled. And a few shout-outs from my readers, especially if you haven’t done … Continue reading

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Writing about Israel

I would like to take a moment to point my readers to two of the most reliable sources on Israel that I’ve discovered during my many years of blogging about Israel. There are many, many people who I read, and … Continue reading

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A decade of blogging

Ten years ago today, I wrote my first blog post. When I first started, it was a little personal blog that nobody was reading. I wrote about my life, I had shout-outs to fellow bloggers and people who happened … Continue reading

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