Haters gonna be stupid

A neo-Nazi group in the U.K. will be marching in a Jewish neighborhood, spouting anti-Jewish slogans, and probably burning or destroying Jewish items. They’re threatening to burn the Talmud and stomp on the Israeli flag.

Neo-nazis in the United Kingdom announced plans to burn the Talmud and shred Israeli flags at an upcoming early July march in London’s Golders Green Jewish community, The Jewish Chronicle reported Tuesday.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine, a white supremacist activist, urged followers to participate in a private ceremony at Golders Green that would burn the Talmud “in recognition of its racist anti-white teachings.” He said the planned demonstration for July 4th would then be followed by others in the London neighborhoods of Finchley and Stamford Hill.

He said flags would be ripped, rather than burnt, at the protest, in order to avoid prosecution, and would mark solidarity “with those oppressed by the illegal state of Israel.”

Um… so what? You can burn the Talmud. You cannot destroy what it stands for. It’s a book. We have plenty more.

Don’t give these idiots any more oxygen. Laugh at them as they stomp on the flag and burn the Talmud. I would if I were there.

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