Thursday briefs

But hey, let’s concentrate on Israel: There are now one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon that have registered with the UN. The irony of the Lebanese Hezbollah being part of the reason they have fled Syria doesn’t appear to have been noted by anyone. But it’s okay, because it’s not Israelis killing Syrians. It’s Syrians and Lebanese. So the world can ignore it, and the human rights groups can issue reports but not care nearly as much as they do about Israel and the Palestinians. Becuase Israel.

Punching back, finally: Looks like pro-Israel groups are finally starting to wake up to the power they have to drive the anti-Israel Jewish groups out of Jewish community events. Screw inclusion. If they’re anti-Israel, they’re anti-Jewish–even if they’re Jewish. Let them fight from their own parades–which of course, nobody will come to. Which is the point.

BDS Pushback: Looks like people are learning two things: That voting for BDS violates their own anti-discrimination laws, and that minorities are using loopholes to push organizations into voting for BDS when the majority is uninterested in boycotting Israel. This keeps happening: King’s College in London overturned the vote for boycotting Israel. More and more organizations are refusing to join the BDS movement as they begin to realize the downside. The downside includes legal action that cuts their funding if they boycott Israel. It is illegal for a U.S. business to boycott Israel.

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