But sure, gay rights groups, protest Israel: Same-sex couples are now being treated equally under Israeli tax laws. Also, Israel doesn’t execute or imprision gays. But they know that, and don’t care.

More murderers going free: Too disgusted to comment.

But Israel isn’t doing it, so there will be no worldwide outrage: Palestinians are dying en masse in Syria. The UN is beginning to think something’s wrong. I wonder how long it will take them to form a committee to talk about it?

Ya think? Two Chechnyan suicide bombers strike Russian targets in two days, and it might be a sign that the Olympics are going to be targeted?

Gee, what a surprise: The Iranians are moving forward with a new generation of centrifuges–whose only purpose would be to create material for nuclear bombs. But hey, Obama got to pretend he’s a peacemaker, so it’s all good.

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