Thursday briefs

Oh, now they’re just mocking Obama: Bashar al-Assad is bragging to Lebanese newspapers that he can “blind” Israel. But that’s not the object of mockery. This is:

“We have 1000 tons of chemical weapons that were initially a burden for us. Getting rid of them would have been costly and would have taken years, in addition to the environmental dilemma they pose and other problems that would need to be resolved. Let them then come and take them.”

It’s a good thing we got rid of that damned cowboy Bush and brought in Barack Obama to restore America’s respect throughout the world.

But THIS is the most important subject in the Middle East: Iran is running circles around Obama. Syria is mocking him. The Russians are laughing at him over Syria. Egypt’s foreign minister says that relations with the U.S. are “shaken” (his word for “tense”). He has abandoned our allies in the Middle East. So what’s the most important Middle East issue to this administration? Israel-Palestinian peace talks. Because that’s so important in the scheme of things.

The Rohani speech: I’ll get to parse it more later, but it’s the same as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with less obvious anti-Israel rhetoric. And no Holocaust denial. But don’t worry. When CNN published an interview that had Rohani saying the Nazis were reprehensible, the official Iranian press said that CNN fabricated the translation. Considering the reporter was the well-known anti-Israel Christiane Amanpour, I’m inclined to believe the Iranian media on this one. Rouhani is exactly like Mad Mahmoud in attitude. He’s just more wily with the PR. And the idiots in the West that want to believe that Iran is sincerely “moderating” look for any excuse to prove their theory.

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