Friday Syria briefs

But Karl Vick said they want to help stop the chemical weapons attacks! Ahahahaha, Karl Vick (rhymes with dick) was shown to be a moron in less than 48 hours. Two says after Vick wrote a ridiculous piece asserting that the Iranians could be convinced to get Bashar al-Assad to stop using chemical weapons, the WSJ reports that the Iranians have sent out instructions to their terrorist-in-waiting to attack U.S. embassies and other American interests in the Middle East. We’re already emptying our Beirut embassy for fear of a “spontaneous” uprising (yeah, right, spontaneous). And oh yeah–that supposed Rosh Hashanah tweet from the new Iranian president? Hoax. He never sent a nice New Year’s greeting to the world’s Jews.

And yet, no outrage from the ISM: Egypt bulldozed houses and tunnels in Gaza to create a buffer zone along the border to prevent weapons smuggling and terrorist attacks. Of course, the world yawns–because it wasn’t Israel doing the ‘dozing. Best part of the AP whitewash? The headline.

Egypt Destroys Homes for Possible Gaza Buffer Zone

They’re giving Egypt the benefit of the doubt. Israel? Well, never. A prime example of Israeli Double Standard Time.

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  1. Empress Trudy says:

    It’s hysterically funny watching the modern day equivalent of the communist puppets who in 1941 had to do a 180 literally in the span of an hour from screaming about the hated Nazis to singing their praises in the wake of the Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty. All I can suggest to Karl is keep cashing those checks.

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