Wednesday briefs

Time supports fantasy writing now: Karl Vick (rhymes with dick), the viciously anti-Israel Mideast reporter at Time, thinks that the Mad Mullahs of Tehran could be convinced to get Assad to give up his chemical weapons. Why? Because they suffered heavily from chemical weapons attacks by Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war.

Yeah, we’re going into Syria: So has anyone decided how much we’re going to spend to show Syria what a bad boy Assad is to use chemical weapons? I seem to remember that cruise missiles cost a million dollars a pop. The fact that there will be no boots on the ground is small comfort to those who think we shouldn’t get involved. And as for that resolution–well, Obama has been putting aside the law as he fits (cf. Obamacare implementation delayed because of fear of losing the 2014 House elections). What makes the Senate think he will abide by anything Congress wants? John Kerry refuses to guarantee we won’t send troops. Also: Eric Cantor can forget about ever getting my vote again. He and Boehner are supporting Obama on this. The American public? Not so much.

Oops, did we scare you? Israel and the U.S. tested the Sparrow anti-missile ballistic missile system yesterday, freaking out the Syrians and a few other people watching. FYI, Hamas is supporting Syria and the Palestinians are against any strike, insisting that it will only help Israel. Of course.

But Jews think only of themselves: A recent study also showed that Jews who are connected to the Jewish community give more than those that are not. This gels with studies done on Christians, I believe. The more generous people in the U.S. tend to be more religious. Only four percent of Jews polled said they give solely to Jewish charities (and I personally don’t know any Jews like that). But sure, go ahead and lie about how Jews care only for their fellow Jews. It isn’t true now, and it’s never been true.

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