Tuesday briefs

The Cowardly Liar: First Ban Ki-Moon tells the truth and agrees that the UN is biased against Israel. Then, after hearing from the Israel-haters in the UN, he turns around and says, “Oh, my bad. The UN treats Israel just as well as it treats everyone else.” So, he’s a liar and a coward. But we already knew that. Need a shot of courage, Mr. Secretary?

The Jew-hating Liar: Barack Obama’s bestest buddy, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, says that Israel is behind the unrest in Egypt and also managed to orchestrate Morsi’s removal. How powerful are us wily Jews? We can make millions of Egyptians do our bidding. Bow before us, because we can’t get Ban Ki-Moon to admit the UN is biased against Israel, but boy, can we get the Egyptians to do what we want. So we’re super-awesome and super-impotent all at the same time. Woo!

Dude says he has “evidence.” Let’s see it, moron, because everyone knows that you’re lying through your teeth and trying to become relevant in the Middle East again. (Click the link. His evidence is unbelievably hilarious. He bases it on what an Israeli minister said. Yep. Words.)

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