New Year’s Eve briefs

Now THAT’s commitment: A 100-year-old man emigrated from Brazil to Israel in 2012. His children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were all there before him, so what was he waiting for? His wife of 60 years passed. May he live to be 120. (1,853 immigrants were from France. That’s a pretty big spike, I think.)

Shimon Peres is going senile: He thinks Hamas is going to accept the Quartet’s conditions for talking to Israel? Dude, get checked for Alzheimer’s. They reiterated their intent to destroy Israel just a few weeks ago. Oh, look. They did it again, today.

Oh, he also thinks Mahmoud Abbas is a partner for peace. Did you know that Abbas is now working on getting the Security Council to recognize the faux mini-statelet of East Palestine as a real state, instead of working things out with Israel? Of course you didn’t, because the news media ignore things like this until the U.S. bursts his little bubble and vetoes the resolution. Then they blame “the Israel lobby” for having too much control over the U.S.

Here we go again: The same paper that published the Mohammed cartoons is publishing a biography of Mohammed. Copied from an Islamic source. But don’t worry, the riots in France will begin again, just because. And the West will kowtow. Because that’s what we do when Muslims get violent. Say, anyone heard from that poor woman who started the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”? No? That’s because she’s still in hiding.

Awww. The tyrant is ailing: Bad news for Sean Penn. Hugo Chavez is suffering from “complications” from his cancer. May they be enough to do him in, and may his successor be a weakling who is easily defeated by the democrats in Venezuela.

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