Monday Monday briefs

So it’s pretty much all bad news, huh? Let’s take a look.

The new Pharoah: Morsi’s standing tough on his power grab, and the Obama Administration has yet to say much about it.

The new pseudo-state: The Palestinians are still going strong on their bid for UN Observer State status, or whatever the hell they’re calling it now.

Saudi ERA Watch: The Saudis are now enabling text messages for the medievalists who want to make sure they know where there women are at all times. Yes, that’s right, you can put an app on your daughter’s/wife’s/sister’s/mother’s phone that will alert you when she crosses the border, just in case she might have tried to escape from this seventh-century hellhole. Let’s hear again how wonderful and liberating Islam is for women. Because you know, I think that may not be true.

Wait, here you go. Something good to end the post with, and something to show why Israel utterly rocks in so many ways, but especially as an island of equality in a sea of medieval states.

Israeli Girl Power: Woman singlehandedly drives terrorist away. A terrorist from Gaza infiltrated an Israeli town across the border and thought he’d have easy pickings when he found a womand with children alone in the house. She fought the bastard off, locked him in a bathroom, and called for help. The IDF took him out a short while later. He is now an ex-terrorist.

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