The Israeli double standard

Israel got the head of Hamas’ rocket program. Civilians were killed in the strike. The world will be protesting loudly. For the sake of comparison, number of worldwide protests against 30,000 Syrian civilians killed over the past year: Zero. Don’t worry, the AP is on the case already:

At least 10 civilians killed in Israeli airstrike
An Israeli missile flattened a two-story house in a residential neighborhood of Gaza City on Sunday, killing at least 11 civilians, medical officials said, as Israel expanded its targets of its offensive to target homes of wanted militants.

It is a war crime to fire missiles from civilian areas, it is a war crime to hide your operations center under a hospital, and under the rules of law, the civilian areas become military targets when you do so. Of course, everyone knows that when it comes to Israel (and the U.S. and the West), laws are applied only to their side. The anti-Israel media is too eager to pass along Palestinian propaganda as news, thus giving likes like this a worldwide audience. Outlets like CNN can’t investigate a Reuters video. So bloggers do.

Of course, Israeli civilian casualties are played down. For days, the AP described the Palestinian casualties as “xx deaths and xxx wounded” while writing “three Israelis were also killed” without a corresponding wounded casualty count. They finally added “over 250 wounded” to their stories. But of course, now they’re back to the reverse.

In all, 57 Palestinians have been killed, including 24 civilians, and more than 400 civilians have been wounded, medics say.

Note the difference.

Three Israelis, all civilians, have died in the fighting, and rocket attacks on Israeli cities continued interrupted Sunday.

Israel is always fighting a multi-front war: The actual war they fight, and the cover for all Palestinian actions in the media. Amazing how the world hasn’t been nearly as interested in the fight ongoing in Syria. Children are tortured in front of their parents, used as human shields, and murdered indiscriminately–but they don’t command the headlines that the assault on Hamas is garnering.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. The world does not like the Jews.

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4 Responses to The Israeli double standard

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Just about the only people in the world who think that Arabs are real human beings, worthy of being treated as such, are the Dreaded Neocons. Everybody else thinks they are just a bunch of rag-headed wogs who can’t be expected to behave like civiized people. In their view what is going on in Syria is just Arabs being Arabs. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Of course, an awful lot of Arabs frequently act like they want to confirm that adverse opinion. And that adverse opinion is shared by most of the Arab elites.

  2. Wyguy says:

    I would amend your “The world does not like the Jews” to read “Much of the world does not like Jews”. I am not Jewish and harbor no dislike for Jews or Israel. I rather like them (well, maybe I don’t like the ones that vote Democrat).

  3. I think that the Arabs and the Jews .. People .. Should have security

  4. Gary Rosen says:

    “I think that the Arabs and the Jews .. People .. Should have security”

    They would have had it decades ago if the Arabs had simply accepted the existence of Israel. Which they still don’t.

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