Tuesday briefs

Politician who nobody cares about quits her job that nobody still knew she had: Tzipi Livni, the utterly irrelevant former leader of Kadima, is quitting the Knesset. And while she slammed Netanyahu on her way out, let’s face it–nobody cares.

UN isn’t even trying to hide its anti-Israel bias: Okay, see if you can follow this one. A committee approved a bill that would restrict funding of NGOs in Israel by foreign sources. This is because most NGOs in Israel are funding be virulently anti-Israel European organizations, among others. The bill was frozen after it came out of committee because Netanyahu’s Attorney General told him it would likely be struck down. So, the bill is not even remotely about to be voted on. So what does the anti- Israel UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay do? Why, she puts Israel on a list of dictatorships and theocracies that restrict the activities of human rights groups. Even though Israel is not restricting the activities of human rights group. And there you have both the anti-Israel UN bias and Israeli Derangement Syndrome, all rolled up in one. And may I say a resounding eff you to Navi (I hate Israel!) Pillay.

It’s not the anti-Zionism, Mr. Barenboim: Pro-Palestinian conductor Daniel Barenboim is about as left-wing, pro-Palestinian as you can get in Israel. He is constantly calling out his country over perceived wrongs to the Palestinians. He was scheduled to conduct the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Qatar. Everything was set: Tickets sold, debates set up, ready to go. And the entire festival was canceled. Why? Well, here’s a hint: Barenboim is an Israeli Jew.

Editorials in newspapers throughout the Arab world stated: “This isn’t the time or place to entertain Israelis and a Zionist conductor. Qatari authorities are giving the Zionist maestro an opportunity to present a seemingly positive aspect of Israel.”

Right. The lessons of Nazi Germany apparently have to be re-learned. They will not love you because you side with them. They will always hate you because you’re Jewish. Let us be honest.

Yeah, but I killed bin Laden: Gee, Barack Obama’s trying to use the killing of Osama bin Laden as a political tool–and worse, to imply that Romney wouldn’t have done the same given the chance–is bouncing back on him. Looks like Obama may well start to be known as the rebound president. Dogs, Osama–can’t wait to see the next failed ad campaign by the re-election geniuses.

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3 Responses to Tuesday briefs

  1. Soccerdad says:

    The rebound President? Nice. The opposite of Teflon; everything he’s throwing at his opponent is coming back to him. And he doesn’t seem to learn his lesson either. President bites dog, is a lot more “mockable” than “Seamus on the roof.”

    This PJMedia bit really seems to illustrate your point.

  2. Yeah, the rebound president is a pretty good term. Feel free to spread it far and wide.

  3. Empress Trudy says:

    Of course the article on the UN is published on Ha’aretz. Which, if you believe the psychopaths, is the largest media outlet in Israel (not actually true, but close) and somehow being slightly more opposed to the existence of Israel than even Hamas, is ample proof that free speech is corralled in Israel. This is not to say that Ha’aretz isn’t opposed to the existence of Israel, since it is, but the stupidity and irony of using a media outlet they themselves say is ‘the biggest’ in Israel to spout it unimpeded, well it’s just precious.

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