The Exception Clause, Part 2

Longtime readers know that The Exception Clause on this blog consists of the words “except for Israel” added to situations that every other nation is allowed. One example would be that all nations have the right to retaliate when being attacked with rockets, mortars, and missiles on a regular basis–except for Israel.

Well, it’s time we added an Exception Clause, Part 2. Here’s how it works:

For the record, I loathe Rush Limbaugh’s use of the term “feminazis” and always have. I think he should never have invented the term, and although I rarely listen to him, I always turn him off at the first sound of the F-word. But even more than that, I loathe the double standard of the media and the left (but I repeat myself) when it comes to who gets to call whom names. Either all of us get to do it, or none of us. This double standard is unbelievable, and what’s worse, all of my liberal friends think it does not exist. It does, people. It does.

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One Response to The Exception Clause, Part 2

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    I used to listen to a few minutes of Limbaugh here and there because he was on after Dr. Laura, but I never heard anything that persuaded me not to find something else on the radio. He’s an entertainer, he gets his audience by saying outrageous things, and since I don’t care for what he says I have two devices which apparently do not come on the radios liberals buy: A button to press and get another station and a knob to turn to shut off the radio.

    One of my liberal Facebook friends cited some liberal responses to nasty liberal language; true enough. But none of them were accompanied by such groundswells ouf outrage, demands for boycotts or that the commentator be pulled from whatever medium he happens to work in. “I guess I shouldn’t have said that” is considered entirely sufficient to wash the offender clean.

    It’s been a week that we’ve been subjected to daily denunciations of Rush Limbaugh. OK, guys, and can you now go back to Emmanuel Goldstein?

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