Thursday, briefly

Yes, it’s Jew Cooties time again! The head of Egypt’s veterinary authority–someone who you would think might have a scientific bent, but then, you would be someone who has never read this blog, because when it comes to Israel and Jews, all science goes out the Jew-hater’s window–where was I? Oh. Right. He says that Israel is poisoning Egyptian poultry by giving them diseases and bird flu. Oh, and an Egyptian TV show called–yes, really–“The Truth”–says that Israeli chocolates give you cancer and cause infertility. The power of the Joooooooos! Kneel before our awesome abilities!

Iran is paying attention to this: Israel’s super-sub will be online the end of this year. It can produce its own fuel, which means it can go anywhere and stay anywhere. Nice. Iran is definitely paying attention to this news.

What is WRONG with these people? Two U.S. soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier who used his American-supplied weapon to murder them. Why? Because korans were accidentally destroyed. You know, I’m starting to think we should just use the Aliens method of combating terrorist states. Really, are they so insecure about their religion that they think murdering people for unintentionally burning a koran or three is a sufficient response? And when is the media going to stop calling them “protesters” and start calling them “rioters”–because that is what they are.

The Palestinians don’t want peace, exhibit 56,423: Palestinian TV lionized one of the planners of the Netanya Passover Massacre.

This is a man who was considered at the beginning of the previous decade the head of the military wing of Hamas in the town, and responsible for two of the harshest suicide bombings Israel has ever known, including the attack on the Park Hotel in Netanya and on the night of the Passover Seder in 2002.

The reporter, who works at a program dedicated to the families of prisoners, did not spare the superlatives: “We are outside the home of the warrior hero, the commander, the lion of the prison, Abbas a-Said.”

You will NEVER see anything like this in an AP report on why there is no peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. Because that would be an admission that the narrative–that they want to live side-by-side in peace with Israel–is false.

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