Windy Tuesday briefs

Last night I’m pretty sure I saw a witch riding on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch.

UNHRC to Goldstone: Nyah nyah nyah, it is too true! The execrable United Nations Human Rights Council says that Goldstone’s op-ed, where he pointed out the bias and lies of the commission report named after him, is not binding. Also that the only way to undo the report is by unanimous vote of all the countries in the UNHRC. In other words: Pound sand, Jewboy. We got what we wanted out of you: A veneer of respectability from a Jewish, South African judge. And if anyone thinks I’m exaggerating what they used him for, well, I have this bridge to sell you. Cheap. It’s in New York. Been in my family for generations.

The Goldstone Repentance Tour begins: He’s going to visit Sderot. As well he should. And if his repentance is sincere, we are commanded to forgive him.

What the media leave out: The AP carried a short piece on the Israeli-Arab actor murdered in Jenin. They missed a significant motive, however.

Residents of the refugee camp disseminated fliers in 2009 calling the actor a fifth column. “If words don’t help we will have to speak in bullets,” the fliers said.

What was it that angered the Arabs of Jenin? This:

However, the actor added, he was taking precautions. Of those behind the fliers he said, “It makes them crazy that a man who is half-Jewish is at the head of one of the most important projects in the Palestinian West Bank and it is just hypocritical racism.”

Stop for a moment and realize that every single time an Arab is wounded or killed and blames Israeli Jews, the AP runs wild with it (as does the rest of the world media). When Arabs murder Jews because they are Jews, the media ignore it.

Reuters missed it in the first article, but noted the anti-Jewish threats in the current one. The AFP missed it. There are most of the European news media outlets right there. And there is a primary example of the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bias of the major media. The man was murdered because he was Jewish. Not publishing that fact is tantamount to covering it up.

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7 Responses to Windy Tuesday briefs

  1. russ says:

    If he’s sincere, he’ll do a lot more than publish an op-ed piece in the post. The man did massive damage – part of repentance is supposed to be repairing the damage you’ve done.

  2. Soccerdad says:

    Much as I don’t want to admit, it appears that he’s intending to ask for a repeal of the report bearing his name. It won’t undo the damage he’s done, but it would be a real action instead of just words.

    It wasn’t just the wind. In Baltimore at 5 AM, the rain started coming down so hard it woke three children. They went back to bed, but it was a little disconcerting.

  3. No there is no repentance from this. Goldstone belongs on trial for crimes against an entire people.

  4. You know, Trudy, I don’t ever want you on a jury of mine. I am willing to see if Judge Goldstone is at least willing to try to undo the damage he has done. I’m willing to see if perhaps his story will deter Jews in the future from being used the way that he was used. If he can help undo some of the harm he caused, then great.

    You throw around judgment so easily, but I’m not sensing any backing from Jewish law in your judgments.

    I would rather welcome him back into the fold, if he is sincere, than to simply lash out at him and push him back with the Israel haters. There are not so many of us that we can afford to throw more away.

  5. Herschel says:

    I agree, Richard Goldstone has come to realize the harm his bogus one sided report has done to Israel using his credentials, and is now asking for forgiveness, he has mine.

    What his new rebuttal report is doing is proving to fair minded individuals the complete bankruptcy of the anti Israel media movement. The original Goldstone report was given front page headlines for weeks by the media when Israel was being condemned, now the report that exonerates Israel is being ignored, or, given a very minor amount of exposure. Two weeks ago my local rag the Minneapolis Star internet site gave prominent space for two days to an article about South Africa’s university of Johannesburg severing relations with Israel’s Ben Gurion university, now this important Goldstone report clearing Israel gets minimal space, and for a very short period of time, #$%^& hypocrites!

  6. Goldstone is a Kapo. If anything deserves to go up the chimney of history it’s his “Since I’m a Jew, I’m qualified to condemn the Jews” ethos. And we should excommunicate him and erase his name from history.

  7. And I would add he has refused to formally request his libel be withdrawn by the UN as if their necessary procedure. He’s the only who can and he categorically refuses to.

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