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And the Turks said they found no weapons aboard the plane: Remember this story? I do. The Turks originally said the plane was searched and released and that they found no weapons aboard it. And yet, they are reporting to the UN that they found and confiscated weapons. Gee. I’m so surprised.

The IDF saves Bambi: Or Bambi’s mom. Or sister. A Palestinian was taking the doe to the PA, presumably to present them with dinner. The IDF confiscated her and got her fixed up.

Oh, look: More to hate about Obamacare. Yep. If you’re a member of the protected class (read: Labor unions), you get taxpayer money to support your people’s medical benefits when they retire early. Me? I have to support myself if I retire early. Time to end all public-sector unions. All of them. Private-sector unions will die of their own accord, eventually.

Oh, so this is what they mean by “quiet”: Only two rockets in the past three days

Former MI6 chief: What moderate Muslim Brotherhood? Ynet buried the lede in this story. So the former head of MI6 knows that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, but our own pundits and politicos just can’t see it. Good to know that our people are so easily fooled.

If he’s lost Ruth Marcus, he’s losing Liberal America:
What? The Great Orator has become pedantic and repetitive? Say it ain’t so! Wow, she really skewers him. Check this out:

The false-choice dodge takes three overlapping forms. The first, a particular Obama specialty, is the false false choice. Set up two unacceptable extremes that no one is seriously advocating and position yourself as the champion of the reasonable middle ground between these unidentified straw men.

Thus, Obama on health care, stretching back to the presidential campaign: “I reject the tired old debate that says we have to choose between two extremes: government-run health care with higher taxes — or insurance companies without rules denying people coverage,” he said in 2008. “That’s a false choice.” It’s also a choice that no one — certainly no other politician — was proposing.

He’s losing his formerly adoring audience. Hope he’s losing his voters just as much.

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  1. Herschel says:

    Waiting for PETA to issue a commendation to Israel for this humane gesture!
    They were the group that were more concerned about killing donkeys then Jews, when the Pals rigged up explosives on donkeys last year.

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